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Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales and more traffic! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and integrates easily into your existing website.

The Industry Leader Since 1999, iDevAffiliate is the original in self managed affiliate software! iDevAffiliate was hand coded from scratch by the same team that provides your technical support! iDevAffiliate is not a product we’re reselling for someone else and it isn’t something we’ve pieced together from several other lesser quality scripts.

- No Setup Fees... No Monthly Charges!

    • You host the software, you manage the program.
    • You pocket the savings!

- iDevAffiliate Add-On Modules

- Choose Any or All Payout Styles

    • Pay-Per-Sale (Percentage).
      - ** Pay-Per-Sale (Flat Rate Payout).
    • Pay-Per-Click (Unique Visitors Only).
    • Create up to 100 payout levels for each payout style.
    • Payout styles and levels adjustable per affiliate.
    • Affiliates can choose their payout style - optional.
    • Change individual accounts - payout styles, levels, etc.
    • Block payout styles from individual affiliates.
    • Learn more about payout levels & tier affiliates.

- Product Grouping

    • Affiliates can market individual products or all products.
    • Define incoming traffic pages for each product group so visitors are sent directly into your product pages.
    • You can also use this feature to have affiliates market multiple websites.

Standard Features

    • MySQL database integration.
    • Automated installation program.
    • Templates - For easy design modification.
    • Integrated session management.
    • Unique banner and text linking codes.
    • Manage unlimited affiliates.
    • Set your currency type.
    • Email your affiliates (all, approved, non-approved).
    • Affiliates can view accounts in their 2nd Tier.
    • Affiliates can email market to "friends".
    • Post-sales auto return w/ page redirection.

- Affiliate Marketing

    • Linking code is automatically generated!
    • Create unlimited text ads (just like Google AdWords!).
    • Upload unlimited banners.
    • Create unlimited text links.
    • Email links are automatically created.
    • FLASH banner support is now included.

- Administrative Center

    • Manage your affiliate accounts.
    • Upload your banners and create your text ads.
    • Manage all your sales, pay your affiliates.
    • Manage your optional order tracking code.
    • Adjust your control panel color scheme.
    • Review extensive traffic logging for each affiliate.

- Optional Configuration

    • 2nd tier (% payout & individual reporting).
    • Approve new affiliate accounts.
    • Approve new sales & recurring sales.
    • Set a minimum balance requirement (for payout).
    • Set an initial "incentive" balance.
    • Tons of optional email notifications.

- Integrated Accounting

    • View current approved, pending & archived sales.
    • Send affiliates an email invoice at time of payment.
    • View accounting history for each affiliate.

- Extensive Reporting & Statistics

    • View traffic, sales, ratios, etc. for each affiliate.
    • Review accounting details for each affiliate.
    • View printable versions of each report.

Data Management Tools

    • Export the most important data from your database into an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Create database backups quickly and easily with the built-in MySQL database backup feature.

- Integrated Language Packs

    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Italian

- PayPal Integration (Optional)

    • Built-in PayPal module for paying commissions.
    • Mass Payments - Pay all your affiliates at once.
    • Turn this off or make it optional or required.
    • Optional: You don’t need PayPal to use iDevAffiliate.

- Enhanced Security Features

    • Triple Redundancy Sales Tracking - Session management, IP logging & cookies.
    • Set the tracking expiration (cookies & IP logs).
    • Time limit delay prevents duplicate sales entries.
    • PHP sha1 admin password encryption.
    • Create unlimited administrators (super-user option).
    • Compliant with register_globals ON or OFF.

New Features Recently Added

Integrated offline marketing module, detailed marketing statistics, search function, add up to 3 optional entries to commission records, choice of incoming link style, PayPal currency conversion, integrated FAQ, commission record details in the affiliate control panel and support for CommissionAlert and CommissionStats.

- iDevAffiliate Minimum Requirements

    • UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/Windows
    • Apache, IIS or any web server that supports PHP.
    • PHP 4 - 4.3.0 or higher.
    • MySQL 3.23 or higher.

- Integrated Rewards System

    • Criteria: # of sales or amount of commission.
    • Recur any percentage of the original commission.
    • Manage Recurring Commissions
iDevDirect LLC (James Webster) [did also : CommissionStats for iDevAffiliate , iDevAffiliate Hosted Solution , iDevAffiliate Gold Edition , CommissionAlert for iDevAffiliate ]
PHP 4 - 4.3.0+/MySQL 3.23+/Apache, IIS or any web server that supports PHP.
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