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Professionally designed online storefronts for your eBay Stores account

Jump into eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, and make a splash. With eBay StoreBuilder, you can leverage the design power of Dreamweaver to create a stylish and expert eBay Store. Whether you’re selling your own goods or building eBay Stores for your clients, eBay StoreBuilder helps you create professional-grade storefronts, customized to highlight your products and business like no other.

- Don’t have an eBay Store? - You can open an eBay Store in just minutes and instantly reach millions of buyers via the eBay marketplace - all for a low monthly subscription fee.

- Turn your eBay listings into a pro storefront, pronto! - eBay StoreBuilder works with you or your client’s existing listings - even in Dreamweaver - so you can build out the store with all the right details.

- Work the global eBay marketplace - Got clients with eBay Stores in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia? You’re covered with eBay StoreBuilder’s full international support.

- Great designs from the get-go - Professionally designed layouts are yours to choose from - six different page types, 20 hand-crafted designs, 11 cool color schemes and four individual styles, all totally customizable.

- Easy, upfront management and publishing - eBay StoreBuilder puts your eBay Store settings front-and-center so you can easily update your store at design-time. When you’re done, transfer your storefront information to eBay’s server with a single click.

- Manage your pages - Dock the Page Manager panel and you’re free to manage your eBay Store pages with no down time. Change the status of any page from Active to Inactive, control the appearance of the store navigation, and more.

- Update eBay Stores settings - eBay StoreBuilder exposes your eBay Store settings so you can easily fine-tune your store at design-time. Adjust your current eBay Stores color scheme to match your new design, set your home page, and update your categories and more.

WebAssist Corp [did also : PayPal eCommerce Toolkit , Site Import , Merchant Toolkit for eBay ]
Dreamweaver MX/MX2004/8
Win 2000/XP/Server 2003
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