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The Secrets to Creating an Insanely Profitable eBay Income in 2007

Ebay Profits 2007 Contains The Secrets Of Success!

- Inside this amazing book you will find a complete collection of information you need to make money on Ebay, such as:

- Getting started with your seller’s account...

- Choosing the right products to sell...

- Scoping out the competition and exploiting their weaknesses...

- Advanced listing strategies that really work...

- The secrets to building a lifetime income using Ebay...

- This is just a sampling of the vital information you won’t find anywhere else.

Only Ebay Profits 2007 includes EVERYTHING you need to get started!

Sure- you can find all sorts of books, articles, and how to guides out there that claim to teach you how to make money on Ebay. Some of them even have a few ideas that could work in some circumstances. But NONE of them contain as many COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGIES and PROVEN PROFIT-GENERATING TECHNIQUES as Ebay Profits 2007.

Here’s just some of what you’re going to learn:

  • Secrets of Selecting The Right Products - You’ll learn how to research the market, identify a need, and get your hands on the right products that will blow away the competition! (This information is priceless)
  • Easy Web Site And Ebay Store Solutions- Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to set up a great web site or Ebay Store. Everything you need to know is revealed inside this book!
  • How To Create Lifetime Income - Only Ebay Profits 2007 can teach you the secrets to creating an Ebay business that generates short term profits to put cash in your pocket fast AND show you exactly how to turn those profits into a lifetime income!
  • Secret Search Engine Tricks For Beating The Competition - Learn the ingenious secrets that let you identify competitors and exploit their weaknesses to make more money for yourself
  • How To Attract And Keep Good Customers -This secret will show you how to build an outstanding base of customers who pay promptly and come back to buy from you repeatedly.
  • Advanced Listing Strategies And Secrets - You’ll learn the secrets of listing products so that you can maximize sales and grow your profits dramatically.
  • Reputation Is Everything - When you sell on Ebay, reputation is everything. You’ll learn how to earn the highest rating scores and position yourself as an extremely reputable seller.

What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed In Ebay Profits 2007?

Just take a look at the actual Table Of Contents from this amazing 120 page e-book Table of Contents :
-  Chapter 1:

    • About Ebay

-  Chapter 2:

    • Signing Up And Getting Familiar With Ebay
    • Seller’s Accounts-Becoming ID Verified
    • Other Verification Methods
    • About Seller’s Fees
    • Basic Rates
    • Multiple, Dutch and Other Insertion/Final Value Fees
    • Other Fees
    • Paying Seller’s Fees
    • Register - Step One, Step Two, Step Three
    • Using Multiple Accounts
    • Learning More And Getting Help

-  Chapter 3:

    • What To Sell
    • What Can Be Sold?
    • Choosing Products
    • Identifying A Need
    • Sell What You Already Have
    • Sell What You Can Make
    • Sell Other People’s Stuff - Drop Shipping
    • Importing
    • Successful Selling

-  Chapter 4:

    • Competitors And Pricing
    • Identifying The Competition
    • Taking Advantage Of Weaknesses
    • Internet Searches
    • Database And Browser Searches
    • Jakartian Rules Of Search
    • Boolean Searches
    • Searching Ebay
    • Being Specific
    • Bringing It All Together

-  Chapter 5:

    • Listing 101
    • The Mechanics
    • Step 1 - Prep Work
    • Step 2 - Isolate The Categories
    • Step 3 - Gather Images And Lists
    • Step 4 - Enter The Data
    • Correcting Mistakes
    • Sample Listing
    • Example 1
    • Sample Image

-  Chapter 6:

    • Advaced Listing Strategies
    • Title And Description Tips
    • Image Tips
    • Postage Tips
    • Setting Buyer Requirements
    • Bidder Management
    • Listing Upgrades
    • Featured Auctions
    • Using Featured Twice
    • Bulk Sales Tools
    • Advanced Summary

-  Chapter 7:

    • Delivery And Communication
    • Customer Types
    • Importance Of Communication
    • Email
    • Postal Mail
    • Whom To Include
    • The Ebay Way
    • Keeping Loyal Customers
    • Shipping
    • Suggested Shippers
    • Shipping Options

-  Chapter 8:

    • Feedback
    • Rating Scores On Ebay
    • How The Ratings Work
    • Stars
    • What To Look For
    • Handling Poor Feedback
    • Importance Of Your Rating
    • Encouraging Feedback
    • Service After The Sale
    • Understanding Who To Include
    • Value Returned
    • Successful Feedback

-  Chapter 9:

    • Creating A Lifetime Income On Ebay
    • Common Sense Rules
    • Secrets Of Online Sales
    • Creating Your Own Website
    • How To Get Started
    • Building A Website
    • Online Credit Transactions
    • Merchant Accounts
    • Customer Support
    • Live Chat Vs. Phone Support
    • Managing Mailing Lists
    • Minimizing Fraud
    • Unique Issues
    • Phishing
    • Auction Payment Scams
    • Getting Help

-  Chapter 10:

    • Ebay Stores And Reducing Fees
    • What Is An Ebay Store?
    • Subscription Levels
    • Pro’s Of An Ebay Store
    • Con’s Of An Ebay Store
    • Deciding If It’s Right For You
    • Types Of Goods
    • Qualifying
    • Costs
    • Feature Comparisons
    • Working With An Ebay Store
Easy eBay Profits
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Money Back
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