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Introducing the First Ever Affiliate Link Cloaking System to help Protect Affiliate Marketers from commission theft by Parasite Software...

covertLinks provides the most Advanced Affiliate Link Cloaking System available today. Providing the Affiliate Marketer with maximum protection against Link Hijackers, Link Bypassers, and most importantly, Parasite Software - (Otherwise known as Spyware, Adware or Malware).

Providing the most up-to-date Link Cloaking technologies for today’s demanding Affiliate Marketer, covertLinks is compatible with most Affiliate Programs and all of the current Major Web Browsers used by today’s web surfers.

Why covertLinks Works:

Most Affiliate Link Cloakers found online were designed years ago, and we all know the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds in just the last few years. covertLinks takes this into account and uses only the latest technology to work no matter which Major Web Browser your visitor is using. Also, as a purchaser of covertLinks, your Affiliate link cloaking will always remain up-to-date because you’ll receive free upgrades for life. If we find a new threat and incorporate protection for it in covertLinks, you’ll receive this additional protection for free!

A 2005 Report by Susannah Fox of states that in October 2004, an Online Safety Study by AOL and the National Cyber Security Alliance reported that at least 80% of all computer users had some form of Parasite Software installed on their computers. (Funny, that’s about how many people surf with Internet Explorer! )

Most Affiliate Marketers don’t seem to know that Parasite Software hits after your visitor has landed at the Merchant’s Web Site and they only use simple redirects to cloak and protect their Affiliate Links. Since the Parasite Software waits until after the visitor has arrived at the Merchant’s Site, this render’s the Affiliate Marketer’s redirect completely useless for protection.

What this means is, even if you’ve made every effort to get your visitors to click through your Affiliate Links and land at the Merchant’s site, you are very likely to still lose up to 80% of your commissions to somebody else due to Parasite Software!

covertLinks hides, or cloaks, the Merchant’s site on your domain/web site. This keeps any Parasite Software from knowing that a product it’s affiliated with is being shown to the web surfer, keeping your hard earned Commission in your pocket. Whenever a Web Page is shown, it sends HTTP Headers to your web browser explaining how to show the page plus other pertinent information such as Page Title etcetera. Whenever a Web Page is shown, it sends HTTP Headers to your web browser explaining how to show the page plus other pertinent information such as Page Title etcetera.

covertLinks is available in both an HTML Version and a PHP Version, (The HTML Version is provided for those who’s web site does not support PHP). The covertLinks HTML Version uses an Advanced Framing technology that ensures your Affiliate Cookies are set despite Internet Explorer blocking cookies from framed pages. The PHP Version uses an Advanced system to "pull" the Merchants Web Page content and host it on your web page without using any frames. The PHP Version also provides additional security in that it blocks any HTTP Headers from the Merchant’s site so the Parasite Software parsing HTTP Headers can’t do so.

Affiliate Link Cloakers Comparison:

First, understanding what types of cloaking are commonly used and the problems involved with each:

- 1. Framing the Merchant’s Sales Page on Your Web Site using Frames or Inline Frames:
- 2. Problem : Internet Explorer ver. 6.0+ blocks all third party cookies from being set. This means if the web page in the Frame doesn’t share the same domain name as the web site showing in the browser’s address bar, IE will block any cookies from being set by the page in the Frame. This is the web browser used by over 70% of all web surfers, so this technique technically results in a loss of over 70% of your commissions!
- 2. Using Redirects from Server Side Scripting, HTML Meta Refreshes, Javascript or 3rd Party Short URL sites:
- 3. Problem : Parasite Software overwrites your Affiliate Cookies after your visitor arrives at the Merchant’s web page, so even if your visitor has successfully used your affiliate link through the redirect, chances are great that you won’t receive your commission because the Parasite Software recognizes the Merchant’s web page as one it’s affiliated with and it will either re-serve the page to your visitor immediately through it’s affiliate URL, or pop a window with an Advertisement and special Code to overwrite your affiliate cookies for that site.
- 3. Using hidden Cookie Setting by placing your Affiliate URL in an ActiveX "Embed" Object (with or without sending your visitor to the Merchant’s Site):
- 4. Problem: Could be considered as Parasite Software itself as it’s considered as "Cookie Stuffing". This technique, if found out, can lead to getting yourself banned from Affiliate Programs. Doesn’t protect against Parasite Software as it is usually used just before a redirect to the Merchant’s site. Also, due to web security issues, many surfers using Internet Explorer now disallow ActiveX Objects to run. Mozilla Firefox, the next most popular web browser, Versions 1.5+ doesn’t recognize Web Addresses in Embed Tags as HTML documents anymore, and instead launches it’s Unknown Plugin wizard asking you to install a plugin to enable running whatever’s in the Embed Tag.

covertLinks Affiliate Link Cloaker Product Comparison

- AffiliateLinkCloaker - Uses Framed web pages with encrypted HTML Source Code.

    • This method will likely lose the Affiliate Marketer up to 80% of all there commissions due to Internet Explorer not allowing 3rd Party Cookies to be set.
    • US$59

- AffiliateCloner - Uses Embedded Affiliate Link along with HTTP Meta Refresh Redirect.

    • Works in Internet Explorer but Mozilla Firefox v1.5+ asks for an Installation of an Unknown Plugin. Doesn’t protect commission from Parasite Software as it’s simply a redirect to the Merchant’s Site via clean URL address.
    • US$49.97

- CovertAffiliate - Uses hidden Inline Frames and promotes "Cookie Stuffing".

    • Once again, because it uses Inline Frames to try and set your cookies, your Affiliate Cookies won’t be set whenever someone views the page in Internet Explorer. Also, CovertAffiliate promotes setting cookies behind the scenes without sending your visitor directly to the Merchant’s sales page. This is considered "Cookie Stuffing" and will get you banned from most Affiliate Networks/Programs.
    • US$97.00

- Affiliate Armor / ClickBank Guard - Uses Framed pages with encrypted Frame Source URL

    • Once again, uses frames which Internet Explorer blocks 3rd Party cookies from being set. A more likely loss of commission than protection for them.
    • US29.97

- Auratech Link Cloaker - Simply converts your Affiliate link on your web page to HTML Unicode.

    • Uses Unicode link URL and Status Bar text changes for cloaking. Mozilla ignores Status Bar Text changes and URL can be seen simply by using Right-Click "Properties" menu. Next to no Protection.
    • Free

- covertLinks HTML Version - Advanced Framing Technology that ensures Cookies get set.

    • An Advanced Framing Technology is used that displays the Merchant’s sales page on your web site in a Frame but uses additional methods to ensure your cookies get set.
    • US29.97

- covertLinks PHP Version - Advanced PHP Method without using frames.

    • Our PHP version uses and advanced method to "pull" the content from the Merchant’s Web Site and display it on your Web Site without using Frames. This ensures your Affiliate Cookies are set and additional security against Parasite Software is provided.
    • US29.97

The Threat of Parasite Software for the Affiliate Marketer:

Parasite Software has become possibly the worst threat to any Affiliate Marketer as it infects millions of PC users, allowing Parasite Software owners to overwrite your Affiliate Cookies at whim, effectively stealing your Affiliate Commissions and creating a huge need to protect your affiliate links through various means, including affiliate link cloaking. Yet, surprisingly few Affiliate Marketers are aware of this threat, simply trying to protect their Affiliate Links from regular Link Hijackers without realizing the greater threat to them.

It’s difficult to determine whether or not Parasite Software is running on your PC, but one of the first signs that it’s there is slower PC or Browser Surfing performance. Another sure-fire sign your computer’s been infected is if your Home page in your web browser suddenly changes to one you didn’t set. This is commonly referred to as a "Browser Hijacking". Browser Hijacking can also be determined if you type in an URL into your Browser address bar and, when not found, you’re redirected to some special search page.

Different forms of Parasite Software effect your Affiliate Commissions. Some is software that is inadvertently installed and runs in the background on your computer, monitoring which websites you visit, waiting for one it’s affiliated with to do it’s evil magic. Others often use Browser Toolbars, most often in the form of Search Helpers or Price comparison toolbars etc. that a Web Surfer willingly installs in their web browser. It must be noted though, there are many helpful and legitimate toolbars out there.

How does this Parasite Software present a threat to Affiliate Marketers?

They tend run in the back ground through a process on your computer, and when the web surfer visits your web page and the Parasite Software is affiliated with product being promoted, it’ll serve up Pop-ups ads or directly send the surfer to the Merchant’s sales page through it’s own Affiliate URL that will set Affiliate Cookies for it’s owner. The Parasite Software will overwrite YOUR affiliate cookies with it’s own, making you lose your affiliate commission should a sale be made, even though you sent the visitor to the Merchant’s sales page first.

Parasite software ends up on user’s computers usually bundled with Free Software, such as free games etc. This free software may, or may not, mention the additional software being installed at the same time through it’s End User License, a document few ever take the time to read anyway. However, Parasite software in the form of Browser Helpers, (toolbars), is often installed willingly for the supposed helpfulness that the Software will provide the Surfer with.

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