TrackingSoft LLC (Vlad Marchenko)

TrackingSoft, LLC is comprised of a team of dedicated, attentive and passionate professionals who have a combined total of 30 years experience in software development, sales and implementation. For over seven years we have developed off the shelf and custom tracking solutions capable of reporting the simplest statistics such as clickthroughs and sales to advanced ad and email campaign statistics with day part drill down reporting.

Though others have moved into the space and have grown exponentially, our small structure ensures you aren’t passed to "the next available rep" or required to remind us who you are each time you call. This fundamental foundation has served as one of the key benefits of our service and a defining contrast from our competition. This difference is not just a fringe benefit of utilizing our return on investment tracking applications. It also serves to decrease your time to market and increase your bottom-line, providing you with an edge over your competition.