SEOLogs (Badi Jones)

My name is Badi Jones. I’m from Charleston, SC, and Ive been a webmaster for about 8 years. I’ve worked for 2 website creation/ marketing firms, and 2 newspapers. During that time I did my undergraduate work in Biology at the College of Charleston. I was planning to go to Pharmacy school, but actually working at a pharmacy for a year changed my mind. My Backup plan was a school in Vermont offering a Master of Science in Internet Engineering (MSIE). The bulk of the program deals with Java (mostly J2EE using Struts, Spring, EJB, etc., but it deals with XML a lot. Everything is geared toward making web applications. I sarted last summer.

We briefly touched on search engine optimization in one of my classes (I think they are going to do more next year), and I was hooked. I am working on a capstone (equivalent to a Thesis) so I can graduate. It has nothing to do with SEO stuff, it just incorporates lots of the skills Ive learned. kind of started as a tangent/ side project I would work on when I got distracted from programming. I mostly linked to good seo tools that I had used to check the newspaper website. Pretty recently, I started making my own tools. Working on has become my favorite thing to do by far now.