DMT Solutions Inc (Derek Tomei)

Derek M. Tomei is the President and CEO of DMT Solutions, Inc. which is an Internet Marketing and Consulting company.

Derek is considered one of the industry’s successful Internet Marketers and success coaches with the ability to perform in all areas, including copywriting, graphics creation, and the web design and development of automated and self replicating websites.

Derek started marketing on the internet back in 1998 when he founded his first niche-specific membership sites related to niche-specific industries in Enterprise Performance Planning (ERP). These sites include, ( and job board ( with over 30,000 plus members.

PeopleSoft is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application that large companies utilize to manage their businesses. At that time, Derek was one of the leading consultants in the PeopleSoft industry and provided other professionals with a wealth of information, knowledge and experience through his member community websites.

Derek is the founder of and which is now the number one online PeopleSoft-related membership community and career site on the Internet. It is here, where Derek’s online success began. He began to duplicate these niche sites for several other industries creating one niche site after another that generate an automated and ongoing stream of cash. This is where he was titled the "Niche Cloner."

The big buzz around the marketing industry is and always has been niche sites. This is picking up speed and many marketers are launching products and sites that are niche-specific, however, Derek was one of the pioneers for doing this.

Derek now lives in sunny and warm south Florida with his lovely wife and 4 children and enjoys assisting others in becoming successful, wealthy, online business entrepreneurs.