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Get Instant traffic by acquiring expired domains that are listed in Yahoo & Dmoz

Every webmaster will have a get listed in Yahoo!..but only few succeed...

What if I tell you there is a way by which you can acquire as much as hundreds of web sites listed in, would you be interested...

If you are an advanced webmaster or a novice who is in e-commerce for more than 3 months..then you should know how difficult to get listed in the number one search directory of internet directory

We all know that yahoo directory is maintaining it’s highest standards and listing guidelines for better user experience..but some times the rules are so strict..that your hard earned money and time is at risk, every time when you try for a placement in web site directory. If you are an adult webmaster or if your web site have links to adult content related web sites, it’s almost impossible to get listed in without risking or loosing a lot of money.

Out of frustration webmasters, even posted questions in newsgroups such as like this "is there any way to bribe yahoo editors?"

off course not..

But if you have a brilliant’s not impossible to be able to give your site an unfair advantage!, even in yahoo search directory.

Here is the secret!

Everyday, anywhere from only a few names to several thousand domain names expire, due to non-payment. These domain names are then returned to the pool of available domain names that can be registered by anyone. Some of these domains were listed in major directories and search engines with hundreds if not thousands of links from other sites.

The real idea is to check whether these expired domains which can be registered by anyone , are existed in yahoo directory.

Manually checking each expired domain name against Yahoo Directory takes a lot of time, and any serious webmaster wouldn’t have that much luxury with time. So you need a tool that can do this job for you.....

Hey..You don’t need to call your consultants..

I created a windows based software which can process thousands of expired domains and checks each domain for its existence in Yahoo and Dmoz directories.

OnSnap Technologies [did also : Bulk Link Popularity Analyzer ]
Win 98/Me/2000/XP
Money Back
30 days
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