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FrontPage® and DreamWeaver® are both great pieces of software but they were NOT designed with Internet Marketers in mind. XSitePro was, which is why it has rapidly become the web site development tool of choice for Internet Marketers who are serious about running a profitable online business.

During every stage of the development process we had the Internet Marketer in mind, which is why the software is packed to the brim with features that are designed especially to make your life easier and to maximize the chance of online success.

Whether you are a complete newbie to Internet Marketing or a long-established online entrepreneur you will find that XSitePro will:

  • Cut your development time down massively (what previously took days and weeks will take hours and minutes)
  • Allow you to do things that were previously only possible by employing costly programmers and web development staff, which means that you control your web site and not the techies.
  • Let you concentrate on building your online business rather than allowing untold hours to be soaked up developing web sites.
  • Take away the frustration of web site development so that running your online business becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.
  • Put tools at your disposal which will allow you to take your new or existing business to the next level of success.
  • Make it easy to keep your web sites up-to-date so that they don’t end up becoming cobwebs (i.e. like the vast majority of Internet Marketing web sites that are rarely if ever updated because it is just too much trouble using conventional tools)

XSitePro is amazingly versatile

It can help you create almost any kind of site imaginable. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a simple one page sales letter, a complex affiliate site or a thousand page Google AdSense site. XSitePro is more than up to the job.

Another huge plus point is that with XSitePro you can create an infinite number of sites so you don’t need to rely on a single site for your income. You can quickly and easily create multiple streams of income or multiple sites that all feed into your main site - the choice is yours.

But, please don’t just take our word for it ...

Since it was launched back in Spring of 2005 XSitePro has received thousands of amazing testimonials from satisfied users, many of whom had previously used other leading web development applications such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage and GoLive.

Here are just some of the exciting features that will be at your finger-tips when you start to use XSitePro

XSitePro isn’t just another overpriced utility that promises the earth, but delivers no long term benefits. It’s an incredibly powerful, full-blown web site development tool designed especially for Internet marketers, or anyone who is serious about succeeding with an online business.

Since it’s launch in April 2005 we have continued to add exciting new features that will help to not only make your life easier, but also to allow you to do things that you may otherwise only have dreamt of. With XSitePro at your disposal YOU are in charge, which means you don’t have to pay costly web site programmers every time you want to update your site.

Below we’ve listed just some of the exciting features that XSitePro puts at your finger tips.

  • 1. Add Google Adsense ads into your web pages with just two clicks of your mouse, which means you can add an extra income stream without any extra effort.
  • 2. Change the complete style of your web site any time you want in just minutes rather than days or weeks, which means you can have a site that looks how you want it to look and not have to put up with an existing design just because that’s how it has always been.
  • 3. Publish any changes you make to your web site in just a single mouse click, which means you don‘t have to worry about whether you‘ve remembered to upload a graphic file or not - it‘s all done for you.
  • 4. Include two styles of site map on your site by just putting a check in a checkbox, which means you can have great looking site maps that are always up-to-date without lifting a finger.
  • 5. Print out an incredibly detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to do to each of your pages, which means you can make sure that all your pages are exactly right before you publish them to the Internet.
  • 6. Easily hide unattractive page urls by creating redirect pages that automatically forward visitors to alternative locations, which means you no longer have to unappealing and unmemorable urls that might put visitors off.
  • 7. Add a links page to your site that looks great and is easy to update, which means you can benefit from a reciprocal linking campaign (i.e. exchanging links with other sites).
  • 8. Make sure that you behave honourably with your visitors data by instantly adding a privacy statement page.
  • 9. Include navigation menus that automatically update themselves whenever you add new pages, which means your site navigation will never be out of date again.
  • 10. Have navigation menus in up to four places on your page, which means you can have site navigation on the left or right side, at the bottom of the body copy or at the foot of the page - or all four at the same time - it’s up to you.
  • 11. Instantly change all of your pages from being left justified to being centred in the users browser window, which means you can have just the look you are after.
  • 12. Add article pages to your site in just two minutes using the fill-in-the-blanks template and you’ll maintain a standard layout that gives your site a professional look and feel.
  • 13. Use the 130,000 word built-in spell-checker to make sure that you never make a spelling mistake on any of your pages.
  • 14. Have keywords that are automatically added to the meta tags of every new web site or web page you create, which saves you a lot of time entering the same keywords again and again.
  • 15. Creating professional looking pages using the built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editor is simple, so you don’t have to learn how to write any HTML code.
  • 16. Find out in an instant whether you have used your keywords and keyword phrases the correct number of times on each page and quickly make corrections so that you maximize the chance of ranking well in the search engines.
  • 17. Quickly find out if you have forgotten to include ALT text on any of the images on any of the pages for any of your sites, which will help you to get a better page ranking in some search engines.
  • 18. Instantly analyze any of your pages for any keyword or phrase of your choosing, which means you can see how well your site performs for secondary keywords.
  • 19. Display a calculated date whenever someone visits your site, which allows you to make use of powerful special offers such as buy within the next three days and get 10% off.
  • 20. See at-a-glance how large each of your pages is, including images, which will help you to publish only pages that are of an appropriate size.
  • 21. Create a link on your site that, when clicked, will automatically print the current page on the visitors printer, which is a great way to encourage people to print price lists, special offers or any other information that you would like them to have a hard copy of.
  • 22. See at-a-glance how many headers you have included in each of your pages and how many times your keywords were used in the headers, which will help you to better optimize your pages for the search engines.
  • 23. Find out how many times any specific word appears on any page, which helps you to create pages that focus on your important keywords and phrases.
  • 24. Produce a list of all of the links leaving any of your pages, which lets you see how optimized the links are for your chosen keywords and phrases.
  • 25. Instantly view a Suggested Actions List for any of your pages that tells you in plain English exactly what you need to do to improve the chances of your pages ranking well in the search engines.
  • 26. Keep a track of all of the essential information regarding your web hosting, which means you’ll never forget any important information such as usernames, passwords, mail server details, name server names or control panel urls.
  • 27. Back-up all of your web site work to a single file in just one mouse click, which means you will never lose valuable work again.
  • 28. Choose from three different types of pop-up, including one that will help you avoid getting trapped by pop-up blockers.
  • 29. Add a link from any page you create to any other page in any other site that you create in just two mouse clicks, which means you don’t need to remember lengthy urls or even file names.
  • 30. Disguise affiliate links using the redirect feature, which means you can publish much more attractive links that don’t look like direct links to affiliate sites.
  • 31. Insert the current date into any of your pages and have it update automatically at midnight each day, which means your pages will always look up-to-date.
  • 32. Export any of your sites to a single file that includes all of the pages, images and other files, which means you can send an exact copy of your site to a colleague quickly and easily.
  • 33. Import XSitePro sites that you have been sent by a colleague in just a single mouse click and have the complete site recreated automatically in your system.
  • 34. Export your site in a structure that can be easily imported into Dreamweaver, or Frontpage, which means you are not tied to XSitePro for all of your future web work.
  • 35. Manage all of your affiliate schemes using the Affiliate Wizard, which means you won’t have to go hunting through old e-mails to find the username and password for someone’s affiliate administration page or to find the code you need to include when adding a link.
  • 36. Insert an affiliate link for any of the schemes you are a member of into any page on your site in a single mouse click, which means no more cutting and pasting e-mailing links into documents - it’s all done for you.
  • 37. Automatically split long pages by inserting page breaks at the time you publish, which means that you can create additional pages for your web site with no effort at all.
  • 38. Split very long documents into up to one hundred (or more) pages that include complete page navigation menus, which means you can create dozens, even of hundreds of pages in an instant.
  • 39. Quickly find any text on any page in your web site and replace it with alternative text, which means you won’t have to spend hours manually finding the text yourself - XSitePro does it all for you.
  • 40. Add powerful pop-ups to your site that only appear when the criteria you specify are met, which means you can create your very own intelligent pop-ups that are far less annoying than the unintelligent pop-ups that most sites utilize.
  • 41. Generate detailed reports that provide an informative breakdown of all of the sites you are working on, which means you can instantly see the keywords used for every page, the page descriptions, the last time the page was modified and more.
  • 42. Prevent pages from being published until they are ready to go live, which means you can create and work on pages without ever having to worry that they will be published accidentally.
  • 43. Instantly create a link on your site that, when clicked, will automatically add your site to the visitors favourites list, which means they’ll have a way of finding your site again in the weeks and months to come.
  • 44. Add attractive and eye-catching effects that will automatically appear in the status bar of your web pages, which is a great way of attracting your visitor’s attention to special offers or important news items.
  • 45. Insert the current time into any of your pages and have it update automatically every time some visit’s a page.
  • 46. Add links that will automatically open a new window rather than load into the current browser window, which is a great way for displaying special offers, news items and other information that you don’t want to appear in the existing window.
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