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WordPress Manager & Remote Poster

How to Save More Time While working More Efficiently? Bring Your Blogging Experience to Another Level!

Easily get more traffic and make more money by giving your Visitors & the Search Engines what they want!

We know keeping a webpage up-to-date is important for 2 reasons:

  • 1. Visitors only come back to your website when you can give them a reason to visit your page! To do so you need to feed them with news and interesting information they literally burn for.
  • 2. To be constantly ranked high in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ...

However coming back to my story - as said I was using wordpress to keep all my pages up-to-date already. But it still was way, way to much ... Logging In and Of on all those different systems ... remembering all those usernames, passwords and URLs. Sometimes posting similar content on different pages and the list goes on.

It turned out that it took more than 3 hours each day posting to different systems - the creation and typing of the content not included of course.

I was sure there must be a solution for that problem. In today’s modern world there are possibilities where we can automate so many things and the beauty of every internet business is that their are ways to automate almost everything and to create mechanisms to make things and live easier.

When I thought about creating and developing a mechanism which will help me in managing all this content on those different web pages I was thinking about different solutions ... different content management systems ... platforms and so on. After a while I draw the conclusion to stick on Wordpress.

There are so many advantages every Wordpress user has compared to users using different systems.

Advantages Of Using Wordpress

- Wordpress can be installed on your own servers!

    • never worry about getting deleted like on blogger

- Wordpress is open source and free to use

    • don’t pay tons of money to even get started
    • no fix costs

- Wordpress is being constantly improved by a huge number of people and developers.

    • You always stay up-to-date.
    • You have access to the latest techniques

- Wordpress supports tons of addons/plugins

    • You can transform your Blog into everything you want.
    • The Possibilities are endless.

- Wordpress has RSS feeds included.

    • Your visitors can subscribe to your news without hassle.

- Wordpress Pings the RSS Directories automatically.

    • The search engines immediately get notified about your new content.
    • You do not wait days or weeks to get spidered.

- Worpress is multilingual

    • Run wordpress in your native language without troubles

- Wordpress is template driven

    • You can modify the template in any way you want to fit your needs.

- and much much more ...

Creating A Mechanism for WordPress is the way to go

So I knew I need a mechanism supporting my content and wordpress. I knew that I need something that is whitehat, because only then it is guaranteed that my blogs are beeing loved by the searchengines for long, long time.

(By the way ... this is an important factor many blackhat marketeres and webmaster oversee - they just think about short term profits they MIGTH be able to make - but this is different when beeing responsible for a staff and when having a family that needs to be feed. Constant Income Streams resulting from constantly loved pages are a very, very crucial and vital factor in order to stay in business.)

Anyway ...

Furthermore I needed something that gives me the capability to control my blogs and post from on single location. Something like that will save me and you hours of work each day.

After thinking for a while I wrote down all requirements for the mechanism and ideas that popped up in my mind.

Slowly but clearly I had outlined a system ... in the industry it would be called a robot ... that will improve my blogging experience and live.

I thought WoProt is a cool name for such a Robot supporting me everyday, helping me getting rid of these boring and exhausting tasks.

What does WoProt do?

WoProt will help you to do the time exhausting task more easily and faster causing you being done with your work sooner.

Now just use the addionally gained spare time to do your hobbies or to distinguish yourself from your competitione by beeing able to offer additional services you have not been able to offer before.

But now let me show you in detail what WoProt does:

- Post to all your Wordpress Blogs from One System —> Be Done With Work Faster!

    • Never worry about many different systems again
    • Don’t log in and off all day just to make your posts on different blogs.

- Post to more than one blog at once —> Speed up you work by the factor 2, 3, 4 or more

    • You have content that fits the topic of several blogs and you want to post this content to several blogs at once? Damn - that has been a copy and past task in the past, but with WoProt you can post your content to multiple blogs with one click of a button.

- Easy Post Creator —> Easier & More Flexible Posting

    • Stylize your post the way you want the easy way!
    • You do not have to mess around with html, unless you want to.
    • Add Images, Special Characters and Symbols to your post with a click of a button.
    • Change font, size, color, alignment and make your post look interesting.
    • Add tables to your post to create appealing content
    • and much, much more ...

- Safe the log in data of your blogs at one location —> There is no easier way to safe you data at one place!

    • Never worry about remembering username, passwords and url of your blogs.
    • Just log in to WoProt and let WoProt do the rest for you.

- Build In Scheduler —> Be more effective and done with work at light speed!

    • WoProt is able to post your content to a specific date and time in future! Just pick a date and time by using the "picker tool".

But what does that mean to you?

Now you are able to easily prepare the content for your blogs in advance. No matter if you go on vacation or if you just want to set up your niche blogs on one day to go to the next niche blog the next day.

- Add as many blogs as you want —> Do not walk in the dark, use WoProt to always know how many different blogs you own.

    • There is no limitation of the number of blogs the user interface supports. You can enter as many blogs as you want to really keep an overview about your projects and blogs!

- And much, much more to come ...

What Is Inside Of The WoProt Toolbox?

- Text 2 Image Converter —> There is no need to buy expensive graphic designer software + there are no skills required to use the Converter than being able to use your mouse.

    • Use this tool to easily create stunning headlines for your webpage.
    • Choose out of 4000 available fonts!
    • Fast and Easy

- Pimp The Blog Guide —> As a member of WoProt you get a 100% Rebate when you buy "Pimp The Blog" using the link inside of the members area! This is Like getting this valuable guide fro FREE. —> Finally there is no need to look for information and crawl the internet when you want to improve your blogging knowledge - You know have everything at one place!

    • "Pimp The Blog Guide" is a besteseller when it comes to blogging.
    • 100s of hints, tricks & advices to make your blog stunning and or a profit pulling money machine.
    • Collection of SEO, Functional, Administrative Plug Ins
    • and many things more ...

What is planned next?

- Support Of Tag & Ping Tool (DONE) —> Get famous in the Search Engines almost on autopilot and cash in even more ;-)

    • This feature specifically supports the tag & Ping tool / plug in "Auto Social Poster" from Sean Wu
    • This tool is the best on the market when you want to get your Blogs Ranked High in the Search Engines.
    • Auto Social Poster will almost tag and ping your posts automatically and in combination with WoProt it is going to become a unbeatable Team.
    • If you do not have Auto Social Poster yet than this is no problem. Either you just do not use this feature or you just get your copy of Auto Social Poster at Sean Wu’s Page and when you use the link in the members Area of WoProt we will even give you a rebate of 40-50%

- RSS To Blog Feature (In Developement) —> the Search engines will like you page because it is going to be updated with new content regularly! But be careful with this feature and post your own content also in order to not look spammy!

    • this feature will add content to your blogs by searching the internet for content relevant news and rss feeds. As soon as RSS feeds are found you can make them to be added to your Blog automatically.

- Adding Categories On The Fly (DONE) —> Save even more time and get more flexible

    • Create Categories In Your Blog as You write a post in WoProt
    • Woprot will automatically check if the category exists if not it is going to add the specific category or categories to your blogs.

- High Value Plug In Database (In Planning Phase) —> Make your blog easily more powerful

    • Browse and download Plugins from this database directly to your blog.

- WoProt standalone Application (In Planning Phase) —> Become more flexible and independent with WoProt

    • this version of WoProt will be installable on your very own server - so that you are going to be independent from our server. Of course you do not have this feature when you do not want to bother about such things as installations, servers etc.

Of course there are more great functions we are planning right now ;-)

If you have Ideas of features that shall be added to WoProt - Just drop us a message to the email mentioned at the bottom of this page and we will add your Idea to our plan.

  • Planning Phase = all things are planned out and put on paper but coding has not been started yet
  • Development Phase = coding has been started already
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