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Your Ultimate Widgets Resource

Widgipedia is aiming to be the ultimate resource for both users and developers of widgets and gadgets. We are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive catalog of Web widgets and desktop widgets (and gadgets) across all platforms - many of which you will only find here. Developers can use Widgipedia to upload their creations, to collaborate with others, to learn or teach through tutorials, code samples, libraries and more.

What platforms do you support anyway?

We work hard to make sure the answer will soon be "You name it" :

- For now we support the following platforms of desktop widgets:

    • Yahoo! Widgets (Windows);
    • Yahoo! Widgets (Mac);
    • Dashboard (Mac);
    • Standalone Widgets (Windows);
  • Standalone Widgets (Mac);
    • Vista Sidebar Gadgets (Windows);
    • Opera (Windows, Mac, Linux);
    • Google Gadgets (Windows);
    • Apollo (Windows, Mac);
    • DesktopX (Windows);
    • Kapsules (Windows);
    • Samurize (Windows);
    • KlipFolio (Windows);
    • AveDesk (Windows);

- and all web widget platforms:

    • Flash Widgets
    • DHTML Widgets
    • Java Widgets

Our mission is to create World’s #1 resource for widgets and gadgets. We want to help you, creative people from all over the world, better understand, use and create widgets and gadgets.

Since this exciting software technology is accessible to anyone and not just programmers, we believe creative people from all over the world will soon be creating widgets to express themselves as never before.

Our site makes it easy for anyone to find the best widgets and gadgets across any platform. Developers can learn from our resourceful tutorials, code samples and reusable libraries, as well as share their experiences and learn from each other. We hope that developers who have leveraged our site will be able to expand on their knowledge and continue to build more complex, cutting edge widgets.

In 2006, the idea of Widgipedia was born when a handful of our developers and producers began building widgets in their spare time. It wasn’t long before they noticed that most popular widget sites were dedicated to specific platforms only, often limiting the rich selection of available widgets across all platforms. This and a lack of collaborative resources to help developers increase their widget making knowledge led to the creation of Widgipedia as you know it today.

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