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Give Your Customers The Kind of Hard Hitting 3-Punch Combo That Will Literally Blow The Lid Off Your Conversion Rates!

What are the 3 most important aspects of operating online?

  • grabbing the viewers undivided attention
  • hitting them with the most compelling sales pitch
  • forcing them to take a specific action

Developing A Blockbuster Sales Pitch In Record Time!

The truth is, not everyone is capable of writing killer headlines and killer sales copy. And even if you are, who has the time to get it done right?

That leaves you one alternative. Hire a professional copywriter to do it for you.

Naturally, I don’t need to tell you just how costly that can be, especially if you intend to duplicate the sales process with countless other products. Depending on the caliber of the copywriter, that could result in spending thousands upon thousands of dollars.

But what if I told you there was yet another alternative? One that would provide you with killer sales copy WITHOUT the outrageous expense of paying a professional writer?

Well, that’s just what I chose for the number one product in my Three-Punch Webmaster Combo. A software program that can generate one compelling sales letter after another.

  • just fill in a few blanks and the software will crank out a professional sales letter
  • it’s so fast and easy to use - only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish
  • allows you to save templates so you can create additional sales letters in even less time

Replacing Those Outdated Useless Pop-Up Windows

For the longest time, pop-up windows were all the rage. Why? Because they flat out worked! Whether it was a time sensitive offer, a countdown to a discount price, or just your standard newsletter sign-up... you could increase your results by 30, 50, even 75 percent just by adding the right pop-up window. Of course, with all the pop-up blockers that both individuals and services like Google are using, the chance of anyone currently seeing your pop-up ad are slim to none. But like everything else in life, for every dilemma there is eventually a solution. And the solution is this case was a handy little script that caused ads to "float" over a web page.

And the fact that pop-up blockers were totally useless against this new breed of ads made them even MORE popular. But don’t think that just because they’re effective, any old "fly-in ad" will do.

Remember that research and testing I conducted? It led me to what I personally consider THE best possible fly-in-ad generator that’s currently available. And I guarantee it’s got everything you need to generate the most effective and efficient ads you can get.

  • variety of designs gives you the option to create different ads
  • timer capability lets you control exactly WHEN the ad appears
  • unobtrusive nature allows you to "soft sell" your offer
  • won’t annoy your viewers like standard pop-up windows do
  • "layer" type technology prevents ads from being stopped by pop-up blockers

And the fact that it’s compatible with all major browsers means you don’t have to worry about whether or not viewers will actually see your ad. They absolutely WILL see your ad!

Now, instead of "shouting" your demand, you can quietly and politely FORCE your potential customers into taking action!

Plus, you don’t have to worry about installing anything on your computer because it’s all handled through my server. Just log in to your account, choose whatever options you want, click to finish, and then incorporate the ad on your own website.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to quickly and easily implement this breakthrough, "can’t possibly ignore or prevent from reaching its target" advertising method!

Creating A Powerful Multi-Media Video Presentation

So the third piece of my 3-Punch Webmaster Combo is what I believe is the best video generating software you can get. Not only is it superior to anything else out there, it consists of FOUR separate and equally important components.

  • Screen Cam captures and records screen activity - anything you can do on your computer can be demonstrated "live" through video presentation
  • Video Cam records any activity using a web cam - makes it simple to create and publish your own video product demos and how-to guides
  • Flash Creator produces a flash-embedded HTML file that’s ready to put on your website in just one easy step
  • CD Menu Creator allows you to burn your presentations to "auto-run" CDs or DVDs - perfect for offering your customers physical versions of your video demos

Not too long ago, it took highly involved equipment and thousands of dollars in order to create video presentations. But not any more. Now YOU can easily incorporate powerful sales messages on your website!

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