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Learn how to Make Money Online from two Successful internet marketers who are willing to share their secrets

If you’re an advanced marketer, there is a still lot to be learned at Wealthy Affiliate. There’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years — if you stop learning, you’ll slowly stop making money. Just look at the recent changes Google made to their paid advertising algorithm (Google Slap). We’ve actually increased our overall sales since the changes while many have lost sales or been forced to quit. We have resources dedicated to product development and have a large network of affiliates that you can connect with to increase your earning potential.

It took nearly 4 years to get to the level where we are now, but if there were a resource like available to us back then we would have been able to get to this level much faster. The simple fact is that having a teacher and guide will speed up the learning curve.

We Want You to Become Successful!

If your vision is to become successful in earning money online, you are cut-out to become a Wealthy Affiliate, and we’re offering you an opportunity of a lifetime to become a member. Our Internet Marketing University will give you the ongoing support, tools, and guidance that you need to truly become a Wealthy Affiliate.

There are so many "money making" sites out there, believe us, we’ve signed up to a majority of them. Some resources are satisfactory, and can help a specific group of people, but there is absolutely nothing like the Wealthy Affiliate Program - Anywhere. You get access to our entire site of resources that can be accessed instantly upon signing up. Not only this, you will gain instant access to other aspiring Internet marketers whom you can work with to create your own success online.

So Guys, What Exactly Do I Get When I Sign-up to Wealthy Affiliate?

- One-on-One Support - We have helped literally thousands of members earn their first commissions online by teaching them learn our techniques. Although our guides and tutorials will explain all of our techniques in detail, sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction from us. We’re always available for one on one support and offer it to any member at Wealthy Affiliate. We’ll go over your entire campaigns including your keywords, advertising methods, websites and ads. We’re truly here to help you earn a significant amount of money online.

- Wealthy Affiliate Research Center - We’ve spent thousands of dollars building proprietary research tools to help you find the right market, keywords, and traffic for your advertising campaigns. Our keyword tool Queries both Google and Overture, returning data based on past searches. You can quickly build a keyword list of your own, using this tool. Other tools include a phrase builder, match type builder, our own "Quick Keyword" generator, and a tool that you won’t find anywhere else. The value of this tool alone is well worth the membership cost. We GUARANTEE it! Tools of this nature would cost you literally hundreds of dollars but all are offered with your membership.

- Video Vault - The Video Vault is a new addition to Wealthy Affiliate and it holds videos that will help you with many different tasks. Reading a guide that explains a particular technique or strategy is great, but seeing us perform the actions on screen in video format will make it that much easier for you to copy. The Video Vault is always being updated with new video’s to help you learn the techniques that we teach at

- Turnkey Feeder Websites - If you are like many people, creating a website seems like a daunting task. In reality, it’s not too difficult. We will help you learn to build your own website, however if you want to get started earning money online before you learn, we’ve got a turnkey system that will allow you to do this. Professionally built websites, with professionally written sales copy. All you need to do is plug in your Clickbank ID, and click the "Go" button. You’ll be provided with a link that you can use to promote these pages directly. We’re always building more feeder sites in more industries to offer you variety.

- The Famous Wealthy Affiliate Forum - If you haven’t heard, the forum at Wealthy Affiliate is worth literally thousands of dollars to each and every member. Why? Because the information, tips, secrets, techniques and support offered if BAR none, the best available, anywhere online. We Guarantee it. Reading through the thousands of personal success stories from members will show you exactly how they became successful online. Then, turn to the General Marketing forums and learn the most up to date tips and techniques that are working for other members. At WA we promote the sharing of information, which is why the forum is literally an Internet marketer’s gold mine.

- Resources / Guides - The best way to learn something is to read the details about it, and make sure that you fully understand the concepts. We have a tiered resource system that will show you exactly what to do based on your experience level. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to start out learning the basics about Internet marketing and how to earn your first commissions online. For an advanced marketer, you may want to learn the techniques that we use to setup successful Joint Ventures, or how we release new products in the market. Our resources have something for everyone.

- Affiliate Network Tools - Our proprietary Affiliate network tools allow you to quickly calculate important information such as Refund Rates. Also included is a tool to monitor your Clickbank accounts. The typical Internet Marketer spends significant time each day checking to see if they have earned sales through Clickbank, or Email. Our Clickbank tool allows you to monitor multiple accounts at a time, allowing you to focus on more important parts of your business.

- Clickbank Search Tool - We offer the most elaborate Clickbank Research Tool available anywhere, and best of all it’s included with your membership! CB Search gives you all the necessary data, including product popularity, refund rates, momentum, popularity and other stats that no other tool gives you. Find out exactly which products are HOT and which are NOT. The CB tool is something that will help any Clickbank affiliate. Finding products to promote has never been easier or quicker.

- Analytics Tool - Do you know exactly which keywords are making you money, and which are wasting your advertising dollars? If you have a website or landing page you can use our Analytics System to track exactly which keywords are converting for you. There are keywords out there that simply waste money. Using our downloadable website templates with My-Linker will give you the data you need to tweak your Adwords account.The System communicates with Google Adwords and will show you exactly which keywords are worth keeping, and which are wasting money.

- Wealthy Affiliate Spaces - WA Space is your opportunity to customize and personalize a profile right here at Wealthy Affiliate. Want to share your story, pictures, make friends, showcase your websites? How about create your own blog right here within WA? Create workgroups, learn in teams, and build relationships with some of the Internet’s most powerful Internet Marketers. WA Spaces provides you with a platform where you can build a name for yourself in the Internet Marketing world.

- Super Affiliate System - Once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll realize the value that is offered and you may want to promote the service it’s self. We have our own custom built affiliate system that will allow you to do this. The system offers full statistics and analytics with 3D graphics and charts. The great part about promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program is that you get paid a large recurring charge each and every month your referrals remain members. How does $14 / month sound? A single signup is generally worth over $50.00. Try to find another affiliate program that pays that much per signup!

- Real Time Chat - That’s right, we offer live chat similar to MSN, or Yahoo Messenger. As soon as you log in to your WA account you can open the chat window and chat freely with your peers. We have group rooms setup that are open to anyone who wants to join in and have a chat session. You won’t find this functionality anywhere else online.

- My Wealthy Affiliate - Keeping organized is the #1 priority that all Internet marketers should have. Included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership is access to your "MY WA" section where you can keep track of goals and tasks, completed courses, passwords, and campaign statistics. We’ve got it all here in one place for you. Don’t worry about losing passwords and login details to other sites anymore. Keep all of your data within your Encrypted My WA control panel. Set goals and tasks, and add your earnings and expenses, we’ve got a place to hold all of your data right here at WA!

- Google Adwords & Yahoo! Search Marketing Support - Yes, we offer full Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing campaign support. This means that you can contact us using our Private Messaging system, and we’ll log into your account to make sure that you’ve got things setup correctly. We’ll provide you with a full analysis of what you’re doing right, and what needs to be changed. In many cases a slight adjustment can make the difference between a failing campaign and a highly successful one. We’re here to help.

- Pre-Built Website Templates - Our pre-built website templates offer you a quick and easy solution to getting your own websites up and running. Simply browse through our website templates, choose the one you want, and download it to your computer. You will then have a pre-built framework that is ready for you to modify and upload to your server. Using our website templates can save you significant time when building your own webpage.

- Keyword Lists - If you’re trying to get more traffic to your websites, you need to use the right keywords and more of them, but which ones can you use? Your membership gives you access to all of our keyword lists. Download them to your computer, and start creating new ads in minutes. Maybe you are stuck and are not sure what industry to start promoting. ALL keyword lists are released with recommended products to promote, products that we have sold using the same keywords. We have keywords lists in 40+ markets with hundreds of recommended products to sell.

Want Some Success Stories?

The Wealthy Affiliate member forum is filled with literally hundreds upon hundreds of success stories from members who have implemented the techniques from the Wealthy Affiliate University into their Internet Marketing campaigns.

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