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Which of These List Building Methods Are Wasting Most of Your Time and Money?

Classified Advertising - Once a golden ticket for bringing in tons of fresh, new subscribers and sales, promoting your products in online classifieds isn’t near as profitable because the level of ads competing for your prospect’s attention is suffocating and leaves them un-reached.

- Ezine Advertising - Blasting your ad across thousands of online publications used to draw in new subscribers by the boatload, but now most readers simply ignore the ads while scanning the issues for content.

- Pay Per Click - For those with deep pockets, paying for every visitor to your web site may seem like a good idea. But this method can take many hours of hard testing and thousands of dollars just to break even.

- Link Exchanges - In the old days of internet marketing, the number of quality links you had pointing to your web site determined how many visitors, subscribers and sales you could expect. However, although links still hold great value to the search engines, the time required to generate the number of links you need to rank high is a full-time job unto itself.

- Writing Articles - This could be one of the best methods to generate steady streams of responsive traffic and subscribers, only it takes either an unreasonable amount of time or money to get these lead generation magnets submitted and ranking high enough in the search engines and directories to see a considerable difference.

- Co-Registration - If you’re a seasoned professional copywriter, email marketer and advertising specialist, co-registration can prove to be a powerful ally... however, miss any one of these crucial elements and it could put you out of business and filing for bankruptcy!

Even If You’re Using Any or All Of These Marketing Methods, You Are Still Missing Out On One of the Most Instantly-Profitable, Time Tested and Proven Methods of All Time...

  • This incredible method has already been used to generate billions of dollars for huge companies like hotmail, yahoo and gmail...
  • I’ve used it personally to create over $700k in sales within the first 24 hours of launching just one of my products...
  • Two well-known juggernauts of marketing actually used the very tool I’m about to reveal to come in 2nd place in the affiliate contest for the giant $897 per month StomperNet Training Program!

You download and install a copy of Viral Friend Generator to your site, take five minutes to fill in the user friendly form and upload the html code you’re given to your web site. Now, instead of making ten cents for every visitor on average, you’re instantly making thirty cents per visitor!

This happens because Viral Friend Generator is working in the background and rewarding your visitors for getting new referrals to visit your web site.

Unlike any other tell-a-friend software, the Viral Friend Generator gives you the ability to require those who submit referrals to actually persuade their friends to visit and even join your list of subscribers in order to be rewarded with your free offer!

Here are just a few of the features that make Viral Friend Generator unique and the best of its kind in the marketplace today

  • You choose the amount of friends you want each visitor to enter into the form before they can gain access to your product. For instance, you can have visitors tell three friends to download a report, or even ten friends to win free tickets to a teleseminar!
  • The user-friendly control panel allows you to easily access and manage all of your Viral Friend Generator campaigns across all your web sites at a glance in one central location.
  • Never feel cheated on friend submissions again! You can set a minimum number of friends required for your visitor to gain access to your product. If the visitor doesn’t fill in the required amount of friends, they’ll get a warning telling them to refer more friends before they can get access to receive your product.
  • Track the number of people who tell their friends and even the number of friends who click the link inside the referral email to join your site! You can also see valuable statistics for each campaign, including your conversions of visitors to subscribers.
  • You can use our pre-written email to tell your visitors’ friends about your web site, or write your own. Additionally, your visitors can edit the pre-written email and inject their own voice and personality into each message.
  • Keep your list clean by adding a “do not mail me again” link to the end of the welcome message your subscribers get after submitting the form... This ensures people who do not want to receive messages will never be added or sent an email from your server again.
  • Redirect your visitors to any web page you want after successfully completing the form - this could be your sales page, an affiliate link or access to download your free product!
  • The sender receives a confirmation email after they submit your form, giving them peace of mind in knowing their submission was successful and their download is on the way.
  • The sender can also be notified every time one of their friends clicks on a link inside an email. You get full statistics of each visitor’s activity from inside your control panel so you’ll know every action your visitors are taking on your web site, including their friends!

With Viral Friend Generator, you’re in complete control of how many extra visitors you’re able to generate. Raise the number of friends required to access your product and experience a sudden increase in traffic...

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