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Contact Your Existing Customers Often for Only Pennies per Day!

As a business owner you know the value of keeping your existing customer happy and returning to your business. Most businesses simply can not afford to constantly be looking to replace past customers with new ones.

At ValueReply we specialize in automating the followup and communication with your existing customers so you can drastically reduce your advertising budget, while at the same time increasing your advertising coverage.

As soon as a customer purchases from you the first time, they have decided to trust your product or service. Once this occurs, repeat sales from this customer are far easier to generate than sales from a new customer. Repeat sales, called ’back-end’ sales, can often be as much as 25% of your total sales!

To encourage existing customers to return to your business you have several options.

  • Postal mailing with special offers will cost .50 - .60 cents each. Lets say you have 500 customers. This would cost $300 each time you sent this mailing, plus the man hours to fold, seal and stamp the mailer.
  • Advertise in local, or national newspapers. The cost of newspaper ads can vary depending on the size of your ad, whether you want to display graphics, etc. The cost ranges from $50 to thousands of dollars!
  • Send promotional sales, newsletters, discount offers, coupons and new product announcements to your customers.

Contacting your existing customers via email is becoming the most cost effective method of driving back-end sales for many small to medium size businesses.

ValueReply provides the business owner a simple to use and automated system for driving back-end sales. You give the buying customer your account email address, they send a blank email to that address, and they are added to your customer list automatically. You can also collect the email of customers at time of purchase and import them to your account daily, weekly or monthly ... basically as often as you wish.

ValueReply Features

Let Value Reply follow up with your online prospects and watch your sales go through the roof. Value Reply allows you to focus on finding new prospects, not on staying connected to them. Value Reply will keep you connected automatically!

ValueReply Features include :

- Instant delivery of your message. (24 / 7)

- RSS Autoresponder guarantees delivery of your messages. 100% Spam proof ... and 100% opt-in. The future of online communication is RSS ... learn more.

- Coupon Offers or Sale Announcements can be sent to your list as often as you wish. We provide many template emails, and coupons, so your emails notices will look great.

- HTML Templates that you can use to get your HTML message noticed. If you have an existing template that you want to use with our system, simply provide that to us and we will add the template to your account.

- RoyalSplit is a website HEADLINE testing system that is connected to each autoresponder account. The difference in response rates from one headline to another can be dramatic. Now, with RoyalSplit you can quickly determine which website headline is pulling the best response rate. Best of all, the RoyalSplit system will automatically start displaying ONLY the headline that is pulling the best response rate.

- Master Team Accounts will provide you with a set of powerful tools to manage your sales team, or organization, with use of our autoresponder system. The features of the Master Team Accounts are:

    • 1. Copy messages from up to 5 accounts from the Master Team Account at time of purchase. Yes, you read that correctly. Your downline can now buy an autoresponder account at Value Reply and our Master Team Account system can pre-load messages from up to 5 of your autoresponder accounts.
    • 2. Automatically update messages in ALL accounts purchased from your Master Team Account when you update the messages in your account.
    • 3. Create Login Notices that are seen ONLY by your team members. This is a great way to keep members up to date on new events, training calls, etc.
    • 4. Broadcast Email to your Team members. You will be able to send a broadcast email to all members of your team via the Master Team Account system.
    • 5. Update your Master Team Account data including the affiliate username connected to your account.

- Unlimited followup messages delivered at intervals of your choice. Need 300+ messages in one account for long term followup, no problem! You can have as many messages in each account as you need.

- Unlimited message length: Write a ’book’, we don’t mind!

- NEW HTML Editor that will convert a simple text message into an HTML message. You can add images and font colors with a simple click of a button. Functions simillar to MS Word. The HTML Editor will even create hyperlinks and email links automatically.

- A Client Side Control Panel. This HTML based control panel will allow you to add and delete subscribers from your list and change an email address of someone on your list. This HTML document is saved to your computer for easy access to these frequently used functions. Saves YOU time! Exclusive feature!

- Fast Forward followup messages allows your subscribers to click a link at the end of your autoresponder messages to immediately get the next message in your series. Great for training messages or exciting marketing letters. Produce results faster! PLUS, the system can send you an email when a subscribers click the Fast Farward link in your messages.

- URL Tracking provides unlimited setup of tracked URL’s that you can use in your autoresponder emails, or anywhere for that matter. You can track click-through rates from each of your autoresponder messages by setting up unique tracked URL’s for each message . . . AND you can track the exact subscriber who clicked a tracked URL with our NEW Click-thru Notice system. Click-thru Notice generates a special link that you can place in autoresponder or broadcast messages, that when clicked will send you an email with the subscribers name, and any other contact data available in the database for that subscriber, and then redirect them to a URL that you specify. This is a powerful tool to assist you in determining who your responsive subscribers are and to allow faster follow up for these individuals.

- Customer Notes are ideal for recording specific information about your customers. Each Note you enter will be date and time stamped, and separated from previous Notes for easy review.

- Freeze Autoresponder Account: This function allows you to temporarily shut down an autoresponder account so no autoresponder messages are delivered to any subscribers. When you unfreeze the account, subscribers will begin to receive autoresponder messages where they left off.

- Freeze a Specific Subscriber: This function allows you to temporarily freeze a specific subscriber so that no autoresponder or broadcast messages are delivered to them. When you unfreeze the subscriber they will begin to receive autoresponder messages where they left off and can receive broadcast messages as well.

- Send Manual (Broadcast) E-mail Messages to your entire list (See note below*). Specify all subscribers, current active subscribers or archived subscribers. Can send in plain text or HTML!

- Schedule Broadcast E-mail Messages to be sent up to two years in the future . . . called ’Future Mail’. Also, schedule messages to be sent on a specific day of the week, like Monday or Thursday . . . called ’Message Of The Day’! (See note below:*)

- Quick Setup all on one screen. Select your options and submit, your done. Then simply add your messages to be sent, as many as you need, and your account is ready to go to work for you.

- Multiple Account Options : The multiple account options will save you money, especially the Unlimited Accounts. Imagine the ability to start a new follow up system for virtually anything you need to do ... training, new customers, newsletters, prospects ... etc. You can now manage all of your autoresponder accounts from one login location, now called Master Login. If you have more than one account right now, and you upgrade to one of the Multiple account options, we will integrate your existing accounts into one Multiple PRO account. Saves you MONEY ... and is more convenient to have access to all of your accounts from one Master login! *Multiple accounts with combined list totals of over 100,000 will require additional fees.

- New Royal Appointment Manager : This new system will allow you to schedule an unlimited number of appointments, reminders, To-do Lists, Birthdays, Anniversary’s ... etc. This Appointment Manager is VERY easy to use and is one of the most functional appointment schedulers on the Internet. We decided to add this feature to our autoresponder system in order to add extreme value to our already valuable service. Take a look!

- Subscriber Signup HTML Form Generator : Signup forms are created for you by simply selecting the values you want to collect with your form (Ex. name, email, phone, etc). You can customize the form to redirect the subscriber to a URL of your choice after submission and whether to use double opt-in methodology or not. You can even select background colors and text colors for your form, thereby making it easier to match the color scheme of your site.

- New Subscriber Notices can be sent to you when a prospect or visitor requests information. This notice will contain all of the contact information collected by the signup for you have on your website, plus the referring page and IP address of the subscriber. All of this data is also stored in the database.

- Exclusive Stored Custom Forms Feature : Value Reply stores your forms on our server for fast, efficient delivery to your prospects. This new Feature is easy to use and is ideal for account owners who do not have a website to upload a form to and for those who want to track results. The tracking is accomplished by providing you with the number of times a specific form was accessed. View a Sample Form

- New and Improved Test Message Sequence feature : You can now test your autoresponder messages with real merge data. Simple provide the test data (email, name, address, phone ... etc) and then select which message you want to test (or ALL messages). We will send your test messages to the email address you specify in the test data. This feature can also be used to test how your manually sent message will look!

- Personalize all messages with Name and email address of subscriber, plus up to 23 additional subscriber specific fields and 22 account owner (you) data fields. That’s 45 personalization fields for use in autoresponder and broadcast messages. Simply Amazing!

- Add dates to messages in three formats:

    • 1. Wednesday, May 2, 2007
    • 2. 5/2/2007
    • 3. 2/5/2007

You can even have future, or past, dates displayed. Great for sales letters where they must act before a certain date, or to remind a subscriber of the date they joined your list.

- Update Subscriber Information. Our new Reporting feature will allow you to search your database for subscribers and update their records, stop further autoresponder messages from being sent or delete them completely.

- Import and export email databases. The Import List function can handle lists with data in any order. You simple specify the order of your data and our Import system will add your list to the database. You can import lists to start on any of your messages, not just the first. Import capabilities for each account type are different, see account type comparison chart.

- Subscriber Update and Removal.Value Reply will place update / remove links at the end of all messages sent. When someone clicks a * update / Remove * link in your autoresponder messages,they are asked if they want to be removed or update their email address. If removed, they can be shown a link after removal that delivers them to a URL of your choice. This feature is a great way to direct removed prospects to another online opportunity you are involved with, or to survey page to determine what prompted them to opt-out. If they update their email, then your list stays clean and current with up-to-date email addresses. An email can be sent informing you when a subscribers has removed themself from your list.

- Three Autoresponder Email Addresses to use with each account. You can use:

    • They all work the same.

- Reverse Image Tag to automatically enter people into your follow up system. Can be used on the *ThankYou* page in your order system, information request system, ... etc. We even provide a complete downloadable kit to set up the reverse image tag system on your site. Works for both secure ( https:// ) and non-secure ( http:// ) websites. Exclusive to the Value Reply!

- Undeliverable email filter that will automatically remove bad email addresses from the database, so you don’t have to worry about this task.

- Custom Thank You page of your design or a redirect URL to your site. Your customers never leave your site! You can even use a special hidden field in forms to specify a redirect URL after a form is submitted. Very powerful!

- Our email filter system will forward to you any message a prospect sends to your Value Reply email address.

- Domain specific email reject filter allows you to determine which domains you will not allow to subscribe to your list. Example: hotmail accounts are often over quota and undeliverable.

- Quick Stats tells you the number of new subscribers in the past 24 hours and the past 7 days. Complete stats are also available: total subscriber number, including active and archived (archived means they have received all the follow up messages), what message number the active members will receive next and which message number a subscriber removed themselves from your list.

- Change your messages 24hrs a day. Unlimited access. You can edit all messages at once, or select individual messages to edit.

- Put Headers and/or footers in your messages.

- Unlimited technical support for PRO account owners.

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