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Free Internet Explorer Toolbar simplifies everyday tasks of finding a profitable topic, researching keywords, setting up your website (domain name, hosting, design), finding content, driving traffic to your website and more...

VRE Toolbar Benefits

-  Research ideas for new niche empires - 15 places to research your future website theme and niche neighbourhood. Ex.:, eBay or Google Sets.

-  Get keyword suggestions, related phrases - 12 tools to brainstorm your keywords, from well-known Overture and NicheBOT to newer projects like MSN Search Forcast. Create lists of key phrases, research keyword monthly search volume, profitability and more...

-  Search for domain name suggestions, register your new domain - 9 resources to find best available domain names. Ideas and suggestions from DomainsBot, domains for sale from Afternic, deleted domains from WhoisNet and more...

-  Choose a reliable and inexpensive hosting provider - 19 direct links to hosting plans which have all the features needed to host your niche content website for affordable price. Ex.: Aplus.Net Solo ($5.95/mo.), HostExcellence Express ($5.95/mo.), Lunar Pages Basic ($6.95/mo.).

-  Build your web empire — fast! - 12 software packages and web tools that make building a professionally looking website a snap, such as ColorImpact and WordPress.

-  Articles, images, affiliate products and other content - 58 websites to go for content. Search for related articles on Article Hub, images on 123RF, how-to information on eHow and more...

-  Promote your website - 40 places to visit on a regular basis to promote your website and get inbound links, such as Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, Pagerank, 4 blog search services, 10 free high pagerank directories and more...

3W Fitness Promotion LLC (Andrei Mikrukov) [did also : VRE Toolbar for Firefox ]
Internet Explorer 5.01+
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Money Back
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