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* Topicalizer 2007/03 Web-Based Service VCTech


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The tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation

Topicalizer is a service which automatically analyses a document specified by a URL or a plain text regarding its word, phrase and text structure. It provides a variety of useful information on a given text including the following: Word, sentence and paragraph count, collocations, syllable structure, lexical density, keywords, readability and a short abstract on what the given text is about.

What does the name Topicalizer mean?

In linguistics a topicalizer is a constituent that marks another constituent as the current topic. For example, in English there are topicalizers like ’regarding’, ’given’ and ’as for’. The idea behind this software is, amongst other aspects, about finding the topic (or rather topic framework) of a text, therefore this software can be seen as some kind of ’topic marker’, too.

Why did you create Topicalizer?

This software was created as some kind of feasibility study in computational linguistics in the first place. Besides this, in my opinion a tool like this was still lacking on the web.

Besides being interesting, what could be the purpose of this tool?

The main purpose of this tool is providing webmasters, bloggers or any other kind of web author with a way of optimizing their websites regarding content structure, readability, topic coherence and last but not least search engine listings (for those into buzzword bingo: search engine optimization, SEO), since the latter is all about well-structured content and topic structure of a text. Moreover, this software can be used for automatically acquiring some useful semantic information about a document. The keyword method of the Topicalizer API could be used for automatically tagging a blog entry, just to give you an idea.

VCTech (Florian Dömge)(Björn Wilmsmann) [did also : Video Counter ]
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