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The Quick And The Dead" exposes the all out gunfight in the streets that is about to take place between old school affiliate marketers, and a new generation of "Young Guns" carrying a new secret weapon!

Within Months no niche will be safe as this new generation of affiliate marketer guns down, virtually any affiliate that is promoting a product they do not own through pay per click advertising!

Now you too can become one of the Young Guns in this new wild west of affiliate marketing, by applying the secret weapon covered in detail in the "The Quick And The Dead."

This Free eBook will walk you step by step through a new method of identifying already profitable affiliate promotions, then show you how to gun down the existing affiliate, and at the same time, become even more profitable than they were when they were alive in their niche.

Soon there will only be two types of affiliate marketers using pay per click to promote someone else’s product, The Quick, And The Dead!

Inside "The Quick And The Dead", You Will Learn :

- How to quickly and easily reverse engineer every profitable affiliate program in every niche advertised on any of the major Pay Per Click engines. (Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo Search marketing)

- How to capitalize on weeks, months or years of research done by your competition.

- How To hunt down and track affiliates that are currently running profitable campaigns.

- How to swipe profitable Keywords, Ad Text, Bid Position, and even the affiliate offer and affiliate ID from your competition.

- How to peek behind the curtain of Google Adwords and virtually look directly in to your competitors Adwords account!

- How to "Gun Down" the competition and take their place as the "The Affiliate Left Standing" at the end of the shootout.

- How to become even more profitable than the affiliate you just "Gunned Down."

- How to "Direct Link" to affiliate programs without being detected!

- How to ensure you keep other affiliate gunslingers away from your niche!

Archimedes Lever LLC (Scott "Nada-Guru" Boulch) [did also : Secret Seminar , The Death of AdSense - The Autopsy , The List Virus™ 2.0 ]
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