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The Power of Niche Duplication in Minutes!

With a profitable niche membership site you want to have THREE things:

  • A Site/Product that promotes itself by the use of its own members. A site that is itself viral because of the transactions that are conducted on it!
  • A Site/Product that you can duplicate over and over for different niche industry’s. An easy to duplicate system that takes only minutes to DUPLICATE!
  • A Site that passively generates thousands of dollars - Passively! All on AutoPilot!

... All of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

How I make 6 Figures from automated Niche Sites on Auto Pilot

The NicheCloner product is based on the E-Bay model in which the site itself is designed to run on auto-pilot, provide a service to job seekers and employers that not only will build you a subscriber list of thousands in a short period of time but also make you a passive income well into the thousands, every month. Because it is a niche specific site you’ll have virtually no problem getting your site listed in the top 10 for all your keywords.

How would you like to have an already proven and Full Working Website which is built after the job seeker/employer type model?

All you have to do is choose your niche specific market!

That’s it! Examples would be a job site for Nanny’s, Lawyers, Chefs, Accountants, Artists, Musicians etc... YOU DECIDE!

What is the eBay Model? The beauty of eBay’s business model is that it brings millions of people together to provide a service unavailable anywhere else. That may seem standard on the Internet, but it actually isn’t. eBay brings people together and the people themselves supply all the content, product, service, etc.. while eBay just sits back and collects the money!

Similar to eBay, is a large recruiting site with an extremely horizontal business model. They enable transactions and communications between millions of people looking for jobs and employers trying to fill them.

The Horizontal Model is EXTREMELY Crucial To Having a Successfully Automated Niche Site!

With an automated Niche-Specific recruiting website like NicheCloner you can ....

  • Provide a mechanism to connect recruiters and employers with candidates in any Industry, and Build a Humungous List!!
  • Have an already Proven and Successful Job Site of your own to produce exceptional results and Massive Profits!
  • Utilize and deploy an Automated Recruiting Website Similar To and provide your customers with a huge benefit while you Line Your Pockets With Boat Loads Of Cash!
  • Have the ability to Duplicate your niche site for ANY Industry, Literally in Minutes! So you can Profit Like A Mad Man!

... This is truly The ULTIMATE " Niche Specific Business! You can instantly have your very own niche specific recruiting web site to run on auto-pilot.

This is NOT Just Some Script, It’s a Lucrative Business That Brings In Profits Like Crazy! offers the entire spectrum of the job industry. There are literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of specific career categories that Monster offers to its customers.

What If You Could Carve Out Just ONE Category and Have Your Very Own Site Like For Your Own Specific Niche Industry?

Do you see where I’m heading with this? Best of all what if you could have such a site that runs on autopilot and provides you with a Six Figure Passive and Residual Income For The Rest of Your Life? Well, I did just that. I created my own niche-specific mini site based on one particular niche industry, and..

I Duplicated it Several Times Over and Over For Other Niche-Specific Categories.

The Niche Cloner JobSite Features

Here are just some of the features of what the NicheCloner Code offers...

  • An Online Job Board similar to a Monster .com where candidates register into your database, post their resumes, and search for jobs. (Build a Huge List!)
  • Ability for candidates to opt-in and create Job Agents to receive daily notifications of jobs that match their keywords. (You Make Money on Backend Sales Every Day!)
  • Ability for Employers and Recruiters to register into your database and Post Jobs and/or search resumes that candidates posted. (Here is Where Your Boat Loads Of Passive Income Comes From)
  • Ability to control whether or not your site is a pay for service site or free. (Make it Free and Viral and Build an Even Bigger List FASTER!)
  • Ability to change the look and feel of your site by changing one template HTML file
  • Ability to set and change pricing through administrative control panel. Additionally, you can add your own payment buttons to whatever payment service you use, i.e. PayPal, StormPay, etc..
  • Ability to maintain, manage, and edit all Jobs, Resumes, Members, Employers.
  • Ability to send email notifications to candidates, members, or employers depending on their account status, right from administrative Panel.
  • Automated email autoresponders sent to employers when they register.
  • Automated email auto-responders sent to candidates when they register and post their resume
  • Ability for Employers and Recruiters to create multiple Resume Agents to receive daily emails of resumes that match their keywords.
  • Ability for employers to upload their logo to be seen with their Job Postings.
  • Ability to Upload and Configure the Software from your web browser
  • Ability for candidates to save jobs that interest them in their queue
  • Ability for employer accounts to automatically expire on the date specified on their account.
  • Automated Emails indicating that accounts have expired.
  • And Much More......

The Niche Cloner JobSite Requirements

Remember, this is NOT just a script or a set of scripts, you’re getting a Full-Blown Business Application and the source code which you can modify to suit your needs and make thousands of dollars on autopilot.

There are only a few requirements for installing and having your own automated niche site. This isn’t difficult at all. If you need help installing your code just let me know... and I will help you

  • The NicheCloner JobSite is written in VB/ASP code that runs on your web server. It requires Microsoft’s IIS 3.0 or later with ASP installed (We HIGHLY suggest that you use as your hosting provider - They’ve got it! and we’ll install it for you - if you need us to.)
  • In order for the NicheCloner JobSite to be able to send email, an email component called ASPEmail must be installed on your server (We HIGHLY suggest that you use as your hosting provider - They’ve got it! and we’ll install it for you - if you need us to.)
  • The NicheCloner JobSite stores its information in a SQL Server database (SQL Server 7 or later). SQL Server database, SQL Server 7 and later (including SQL Server 2000) (We HIGHLY suggest that you use as your hosting provider - They’ve got it! and we’ll install it for you - if you need us to.)
DMT Solutions Inc (Derek Tomei)
SQL Server Database 7/2000
Single Server License
IIS Server 3.0
Money Back
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