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Dominate Your Niche, Explode Your List And Jack Up Your Personal Income With The Power Of The List Virus™ 2.0

So I’ll spare you the flowery descriptions. I’m not going to make you wade through 30 pages of bullet points.

Instead, I’ll just explain exactly what this tool can do for you and your business. Fair enough?

But first, let me tell what The List Virus™ 2.0 is NOT... and who should NOT use the List Virus 2.0...

- The List Virus 2.0 is NOT an auto-responder service... although it does allow you send emails to your list members. But the primary purpose of The List Virus 2.0 is to generate massive lists rapidly.

- The List Virus 2.0 does NOT force you to pay your “marketing partners” fifty cents each. That was a reward that I choose. You can choose a dollar, a nickel... or give away a free report or a piece of software, whatever will work best for your market.

- The List Virus 2.0 is not for rookies. You must have at least one domain name and a hosting plan in place in order to run The List Virus 2.0

The Ultimate List Building Tool Should...

  • Allow you to create unstoppable viral promotions
  • Builds massive lists in just days or even hours
  • Somehow, someway... find a way to convert all subscribers into confirmed double-optins
  • Let YOU decide how much you want to reward your marketing partners.... Or...
  • Enable you to build a massive list without paying a single dime... Or (Even Better)
  • Allow you to PROFIT while you’re building a list (Make money before you even send a single email!)

The List Virus™ 2.0 In Action

I’ve made a lot of claims in this message. You might be skeptical. So right now, I want to show you how to use the List Virus 2.0 software to dominate your market and explode your list.

How To Use The List Virus 2.0 In Your Market

Let’s say you want to build a list of “self-defense” enthusiasts. Naturally, you want to build a massive list in the absolute shortest amount of time.

Now, traditionally you would set up a name squeeze page and drive traffic. In this example, let’s say you drove traffic with PPC.

Let’s say you’re buying clicks at 20 cents a pop and getting a 50% opt-in rate. Of those that opt-in, 30% actually complete the opt-in process and become confirmed opt-ins.

The List Virus™ 2.0: Everything You Need To Create Massive Lists In No Time Flat

You’ve just seen a quick example of how the List Virus 2.0 can explode your business.

Here’s the complete list of every feature built into the List Virus 2.0
- Automatically handles all the “behind-the-scenes” efforts needed to create a viral promotion. You just plug in how you want to compensate your “marketing partners” (free report, money, coupon) and The List Virus 2.0 walks all your new subscribers through the necessary steps
- Dramatically increases your confirmed leads with secret tool that practically forces your subscribers to become double opt-in confirmed
- Lets YOU choose the compensation for your marketing partners (money, coupon, report, software... anything else you want)
- Allows you to present Cost-Per-Action offers to your subscribers... which enables you to actually PROFIT while building a list!
- Includes built-in fraud protection and protects you from people submitting multiple email addresses from the same IP (ensures true “viral” spreading of your offers)
- Allows you to run three separate campaigns at one time
- Increases opt-in rates by harnessing the trust factor among friends, co-workers and family members
- Lets you legally and ethically steal names from other peoples list (since some list owners will gladly broadcast your message to their own lists in order to collect your marketing partner reward)

The Man Behind The Death Of Adsense Claims His Viral List-Building Weapon Is... “NOT Unethical”

Amidst cries of “foul play”, I built a massive list of over 37,950 confirmed optins in just days when I released “The Death Of Adsense.”

Some people are stunned that anyone could build a list that large in such a short period of time and I’ve been accused of everything from bribery to black magic.

For the first time ever, here’s the real story...

- Yes, I created a viral explosion with the release of my report titled, “The Death Of Adsense”
- Yes. Starting from scratch, I built a list of over 37,000 confirmed optins in just a few days
- Yes, I pissed off a lot of “gurus” in the process.

Building A List Of Confirmed Opt-Ins Is More Difficult Than Ever Before

Let’s face it: People today are much less likely to enter their real email address. And who can blame them. With the amount of spam we all receive on an hourly basis, nobody wants their email address floating around.

So in order to get people to voluntary offer up their email address in today’s skeptical marketplace, you’ve got to do something different.

Unstoppable Viral Promotion That Builds Your List As It Spreads!

Viral marketing has often been considered the holy grail of online marketing. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pull off. Most people don’t have a clue how to properly launch a viral campaign.

As for viral list building, let’s be honest. Almost nobody knows how to do this correctly. In fact, I’ve watch multiple guru’s flop trying to duplicate the viral nature of “The Death Of Adsense.”

Look, starting your own viral promotion that screams across the internet and builds your list to massive proportions isn’t difficult.

Once you know how to do it.

After building a list of over 37,000 in just days, I think it’s fair to say that I know how to create viral promotions that work.

But the truth is, I’ve got a secret. You see, I had a private tool in my corner. And you might say this secret weapon was...

The Real Reason I Was Able To Create An Unstoppable Viral Explosion

Some of you have been asking about the success of the “Death of Adsense” launch. And the fact that I wrote a controversial report definitely helped contribute to the viral nature of the promotion.

Because so many people have asked me to reveal the secrets I used to create such a massive list in such a short period of time, I’ve decided to come clean.

The secret weapon in my corner was “The List Virus™”, a special software created specifically to make viral list building a breeze.

With “The List Virus” software, all you have to do is choose how much you’d like to reward each person for promoting your viral campaign, and the software takes care of all the dirty work.

The List Virus software automatically...

  • Collects and stores email addresses in your database
  • Tracks affiliate ID’s so there’s no confusion and no guesswork
  • Invites those who opt-ed in to earn money by spreading your viral campaign
  • Lets you broadcast emails to recent sign-ups or to another list you own

Best of all, with the List Virus you can...

Legally Steal Names From Other People’s Lists!

Approach any list owner and ask him to do a JV mailing for you and you’ll probably be ignored. But if you approach a list owner and tell him you’ve got a free report that his customers would enjoy and you’re willing to pay him every time one of his list members opts in to read the report... you’ll get his greed glands flowing.

Don’t be surprised if your competitors suddenly want to mail for you! Heck, even if they refuse, odds are somebody on their list will catch wind of your viral promotion, and pass it on to other members on the list.

Of course, if you sell things to internet marketers, you already know how powerful this tool could be.

But just imagine for a second how quickly you can dominate your niche if you don’t sell to internet markets. Because...

Most People Do Not Get Paid To Send Emails!

Let’s face it. As internet marketers, we get jaded quickly. We all feel like we’ve “seen it all.” But if you sell anything in a non- internet marketing niche, this tool could easily boost your income higher than ever before.

Because no matter if your niche is soon-to-be- brides, mortgage brokers, pet owners or any other group, this simple fact remains constant across the board...

  • Soon-to-be-brides communicate regularly with other soon-to-be-brides
  • Mortgage brokers talk to other mortgage brokers
  • Pet Owners chat with other pet owners

And now you can take advantage of the existing “social networks” already established within your niche.

Here’s how:

Simply offer to give away something of value for free in exchange for someone’s email address (a free report, a piece of software, access to a members only forum).

Create your offer and then let “The List Virus” do the rest. The first person to download your free offer will most likely be pleasantly surprised to learn he can earn a few bucks simply by emailing his friends and telling them about your free offer.

And then his friends will tell their friends. And within hours...

You’ve Unleashed Your Own Unstoppable Viral Promotion

Don’t be surprised if your list swells to massive proportions in just a few hours. Everybody in your niche will know your name. JV offers will come pouring in. And once you start monetizing your massive list, prepare to see your income skyrocket like never before... thanks to your newly-created gigantic list.

The Black & White Details You Need To Know About The List Virus™

First of all, this powerful tool is not for rookies. If you aren’t sure why having a list is important or if you’re unsure what an “opt-in” is... this isn’t for you.

This is a private tool available only to a select group of individuals who can see the potential behind easily creating viral promotions and building massive lists in just hours.

You should already have a hosting plan in place, your own domain and your own server before you consider joining The List Virus.

Because we expect all of our members to build gigantic lists, the List Virus software will actually send your emails from your personal server. This will reduce the load on our server and drastically increase the deliverability of your sales letters. More on this in a moment.

Archimedes Lever LLC (Scott "Nada-Guru" Boulch) [did also : The Quick and The Dead , Secret Seminar , The Death of AdSense - The Autopsy ]

Royal Responder Inc (Todd Thompson) [did also : ValueReply Enterprise Pro ]
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