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* The ContentSolution Pro V2.0 2007/05 Server-Based Halfagain LLC US$147

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You’ve seen content generators. But, you’ve never seen one like this...

Think of it this way. If every (and I do mean every) other content generator/synonymizer/creator on the market (version 1 included) were a car, they’d all be sensible, mid-sized sedans. If ContentSolution v2.0 were a car, a Formula 1 racer might begin to describe it.

ContentSolution v2.0 puts an end to your need for content by:

- Allowing you to automatically grab articles from article directories, import as many text files as you want at once, grab ANY content from ANY RSS feed, and scrape search engines, instantly.
- Providing the easiest, step-by-step environment to create hundreds, if not thousands of articles from any single piece of text.
- Enabling you to personally customize your own Markov generator to create extremely FAST content.
- Allowing you to download your newly created content in any format you want - .txt, .html, .pdf or RSS feed.
- Automatically importing links to any websites you want with the ContentSolution Latent Semantic Analysis engine. It will analyze your content, analyze your sites and insert links (with anchor text) automatically.
- Enabling you to create fast and expansive RSS feeds for any site or blog you want.
- Using the ContentSolution thesaurus to create and personalize your own thesaurus for faster and easier projects.
- Including in-depth and easy to follow video tutorials covering the WHOLE system.
- Existing as arguably the fastest and most comprehensive content generator EVER created.

Your Websites (and you) are losing money. Create fast, custom sites and content that make you more!

My name is Scott Trimble and recently, my partners and I realized something. Google, Yahoo and MSN love big sites, with lots of quality content that are updated frequently. These keyword / content rich sites rake in the $$$. However, with today’s tools, there’s absolutely no way you can build and maintain a large number of these sites at once. Sure, there’s the current crop of content generators and site builders. They claim they’ll build you sites and inject them with quality, "human like" content. But have you actually used any of them? They either pump out crap or they’re way to slow. I’m actually trying to make a living online, not be an author. So what’s a guy to do? I wanted a system that would...

  • Allow me to build large scale (100-1000 pages), content rich sites FAST.
  • Automatically update these sites with full pages of unique, keyword rich content.
  • Pack my sites’ pages with true, readable content (that looks like my university English professor wrote it), that takes me only minutes to produce.
  • Be FAST. I’ve spent enough time building and writing websites to last me a few lifetimes. I need speed.
  • Be INEXPENSIVE. Enough of these monthly fees or fat one time charges.

Put Your Websites on STEROIDS.

- Produce MASSES of high quality sites/content. The ContentSolution employs simple, easily used functions that other content generators on the market only wish they had. You’ll easily produce thousands of pages for your sites of the highest quality, unique content. And it’s fast.
- Grow your sites on autopilot. With a built in tool, ContentSolution is able to add content to your current sites and naturally grow their number of pages each day. Add 1, 10 even 100 pages per day while doing nothing!
- Produce RSS FEEDS. That’s right. This is the ONLY content generator on the market to produce RSS feeds. Stop using feeds that thousands of other sites are using (duplicate content). Create your own, unique feeds, packed with your keywords, FAST.
- Out-produce your competitors for MORE $$$. Create text. Create HTML. Create RSS feeds. The ContentSolution will enable you to produce more websites and make more updates than your competitors could ever dream of. Dominate the search engines...

Not only a content tool, but an RSS generator.

The ContentSolution is like no other content tool on the market. With functions that NO other tools offer, not only does it allow you to create fast, high quality content and html pages, but it also creates custom RSS feeds from top to bottom. You’ll control everything. From your feed titles to the actual content that your feeds display, you can quickly and easily create it all. Create HTML pages. Create text. Create RSS feeds. Add pages on autopilot. Imagine what this can do for your site’s rankings and income..

ContentSolution works in tandem with...

  • BlogSolution
  • BlogToRank
  • RSStoBlog

Does ContentSolution have...

  • A built in thesaurus? YES!
  • The built in ability to create RSS feeds? YES!
  • Everything the other content generators have and much more? YES!
  • Everything I need to build great site pages that can get me ranked? YES!
  • Everything I need to make a better income from my websites? YES!

What does a ContentSolution feed look like?

That’s the beauty of it, you can make it look like anything you want. It can look like any normal RSS feed (with a few lines of text) OR you can update your site with pages of huge paragraphs of content. It’s totally up to you. Everything about this system is customizable.

With ContentSolution’s RSS you will...
- Launch your sites into the search engines. SE spiders love content and you’ll give them exactly what they love. Big sites with lots of content.
- Be able to create 10,20, even 100 times as many sites. ContentSolution enables you to create sites quickly. This means more money making machines in the search engines.
- Create your OWN unique RSS feeds. STOP using other people’s feeds. They’re duplicate content and are drains on your traffic. Make your own quickly and efficiently.
- Update your sites ALL THE TIME. - Search engines love dynamic sites that update their content, ContentSolution makes it easy.
- Blow your competitors away. They literally won’t see it coming. Automate yourself, retain your quality and rake the $$$.

Halfagain LLC (Scott Trimble)(Kirill Bystryakov) [did also : RSS Magician + RSS Evolution , The ContentClub , RSS Magician , RSS Evolution , The ContentSolution Pro , The Blog Solution™ 3.0 LSA , The Content Solution Pro ]
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