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* The Blog Solution™ 3.0 LSA 2007/01 Server-Based Halfagain LLC US$207

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BlogSolution 3.0 LSA is Live!

Create 100 blogs per second. Thousands of blogs at a time. Optimize. Post links. Cloak. Manage EVERYTHING from one, simple interface. OWN the search engines - BlogSolution is the most powerful seo blogging tool on the market. (You will be able to install on unlimited domains / unlimited blogs per domain)

BlogSolution 3.0 LSA Features

- Filters - The new “filters” feature gives you ultimate control over what content goes into your blogs, how it looks and is handled. So much can be done with these things, it’s ridiculous. Filters actually bring your blogs to life, allowing you to train them to respond to any given situation. They’re absoltuely AMAZING and no one else has them!

- Blog Grouping - Group your blogs on the same domain by topic, update source and linkage. This feature makes it infinitely easier to manage your blogs on limited domains.

- Latent Semantic Keyword Analysis - We’ve developed and embedded a Latent Semantic Analysis Engine that analyzes your competitors’ sites and helps you discover more competitive keywords to build your blogs with. And it’s all automatic...

- Automatic Language Translation - Translate your RSS posts into almost any language using our built in automatic translator. The translator works on the fly and requires virtually no work from you.

- Automatic Linking with Latent Semantic Analysis - The BlogSolution LSA engine will link your blogs to RELEVANT external sites and other RELEVANT blogs, automatically!

- Tag+Ping Enabled with New Capabilities - The BlogSolution is fully tag+ping enabled and we’ve added new elements to make this feature even more powerful than before.

- Import ANY Text Into BlogSolution Blogs - Our clients asked for it, now they’ve got it. Throw any text you want into a text file and use it to populate your blogs. You can even mix it right in amongst your RSS updates.

- MORE Unique Content with the RSS Rewriter - The new BlogSolution system will allow you to shuffle your RSS feed content so you can produce even more unique content.

- PLUS Many Other Totally New Features - Too many to list here, but we’ve taken all of the input from our customers and rolled it all into this upgrade.

What do you NEED to know about the BlogSolution?

- 1 - BlogSolution users are making more money than you. We’re converting hundreds of other blog and ping software users over to BlogSolution. Why? It’s simple - they’re making more money with this software than any other.

- 2 - BlogSolution blogs: Provide 1000s of one way links to your sites. Get your sites indexed in the search engines. Get indexed themselves. Draw thousands and thousands of SE spiders. Can dramatically help your other site’s rankings. Can get ranked well on their own. And finally, make money.

- 3 - BlogSolution is the fastest mass blogging and pinging software on the internet. There is nothing else that comes close - anywhere.

- 4 - BlogSolution offers full video tutorials, "fail safe" personal support, an active user forum for all your needs, help article database and built in hint system.

- 5 - BlogSolution grows and adds blogs naturally. This means it creates, updates, pings, etc etc without you having to lift a finger.

How are BlogSolution users making money?

  • Adsense $$$ - It’s rare in with any blog and ping tool that a person gets many clicks to their blogs. Most of the time, mass bloggers use blogs to simply get other sites indexed. But not with BlogSolution! Search engines LOVE these blogs. Not only do they send hordes of spiders, they also send traffic. Our users are putting adsense directly on their blogs.
  • Affiliate $$$ - Links to affiliate products/services can be placed directly on your blogs. BlogSolution can get your end affiliate sites indexed and ranked. You can even cloak your blogs so that when a surfer finds your blogs, they don’t ever see them. They see your affiliate site!
  • Self Promotion $$$ - Have your own products or services? The sky’s the limit. BlogSolution can get your sites both spiders and surfers. Get your sites indexed, ranked and selling. There’s nothing you can’t do with this software.

Now, heres where you learn how to save your money...

What about the Others?

Others? Oh ... guys like Viral Instigator, Fastbloggenerator, BloggerGenerator, Rsstoblog, Blogtorank, or VoodooBlogger? Puhlease. First of all, I believe it pertinent to tell you that we use blogs to make money. That means using any software available to do this, no matter who makes it. But you know what? We don’t use these guys. Why? Because compared to the BlogSolution, they’re a waste of our time, money and effort.

  • Rsstoblog : US$297
  • ViralInstigator : US$97 + monthly fees
  • Fastbloggernerator : US$127
  • Blogtorank : US$197
  • VoodooBlogger : US$197
  • Blogtorank : US$147

But it’s really not fair to compare these. Even combining all of these applications, BlogSolution still does more. To simply say you get “more for you money” with BlogSolution, drastically underestimates its capability.

Here’s a quick comparison

- RsstoBlog, BlogtoRank and SEOBlogBuilder:

  • Do not create blogs. (need I say more?)
  • Require outside software to create and maintain your blogs.
  • ONLY post and ping.

- ViralInstigator:

  • Requires a monthly payment IN ADDITION to a sizeable start up fee.
  • Does not include a cloaking option.
  • Does not allow randomization for posts and pings across your project.
  • Is slower to create blogs.

- VoodooBlogger, BloggerGenerator and FastBloggerGenerator and many others:

  • SLOW!!! because you have to enter the blogger secret code for every blog created.
  • Are not created on a custom blogging platform
  • Are susceptible to deletion (because they’re Blogger blogs).
  • Are slow to create - you have to enter the blogger Captcha.
  • Do not allow Smartjobs (autopilot blog creation, so your projects grow even when you’re not there)
  • Do not allow randomization of posts and pings
  • Do not support cloaking

The BlogSolution difference.

  • BlogSolution does everything these don’t, fills in all the gaps they miss and exists as a standalone, "need no other" blogging / posting / pinging SEO engine.
  • No other offers "fail safe" support.
  • No other uses it’s own blogging engine.
  • No other uses Smartjobs to create blogs even when you’re not around.
  • No other is as fast.
  • No other randomizes all jobs so everything looks "natural" (thereby making you more money).
  • No other offers cloaking.
  • No other automatically interlinks your blogs for full spider penetration.
  • No other is as flexible, customizable and offers you as much control over your projects as BlogSolution.

BlogSolution nailes everything the "others" miss, while doing virtually everything do ... but better.


- BlogSolution creates thousands of blogs on each of your domains.
- Blogs are created based on YOUR keywords. Named - titled - subtitled.
- Your blogs are created on a custom blogging platform.
- All blog interlinking is done for you - spiders can move freely between your blogs.
- We give full video tutorials guiding you through your projects.
- No outside software is needed.
- Your blogs are fully customizable. Unlimited potential here.
- You can post links to one, some, or all of your blogs.
- Post as many links as you want, whenever and to wherever you want.
- The Smartjobs system. Blog creation even when you’re not around!
- Automatic updates and pings.
- Randomization. Everything in BlogSolution can be randomized - posts, pings everything.
- Everything is managed from one simple interface.
- 24/7 support. We’re always here for your questions.
- Built in help articles that will guide you through the process.
- Completely plug and play. Effective for both beginner and expert.
- Flexibility. This system bends to what YOU want.
- An advanced cloaking system .


- Adsense income.
- Affiliate income.
- Tens of thousands of indexed blogs.
- Search engine spiders like you have NEVER seen (it’s our secret ingredient).
- Tens of thousands of one way back links to and sites you want.
- Your new sites indexed fast.
- Simplicity.
- A system that flys under search engine radar, but profits from them.

Halfagain LLC (Scott Trimble)(Kirill Bystryakov) [did also : RSS Magician + RSS Evolution , The ContentClub , RSS Magician , RSS Evolution , The ContentSolution Pro , The ContentSolution Pro V2.0 , The Content Solution Pro ]
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