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Text Ads allows you to sell text advertisement spots on your website automatically and hands free.

Advertisments are text based and look similar to Google Adwords, tho they are fully customizable.

Now visitors to your website can create their own Adwords-like ad box for display on your website. Their ad is activated automatically after they complete a Paypal purchase. You can create any number of impression-based advertisement plans then all you have to do is place the ad box somewhere on your website and Text Ads will take care of the rest from providing your advertiser with the offer to advertise on your website, to advertisement campaign creation, to activation, billing and finally deactivation of an ad campaign when its impressions run out.

Unlike Adwords however TextAds offers impression based advertisement packages, clients can pay for and activate their ads instantly with Paypal.

Each client receives their own control panel in which they can create, edit and activate multiple campaigns. The client control panel includes easy registration and password recovery features

You can define the number of ads to display at one time, Text Ads will cycle through the list of active ads and select at random which to display you have more active ads then ad spots.

Administrators can edit, activate, de-activae and reset client campaigns, view and email and delete clients. Administrators can also place their own ads from within administration.

Text Ads lets you pre-create the ad packages to offer your clients, you define the number of impressions and the price for that package.

IDevSpot [did also : iSubscribe , BizDirectory , Grig eBay Suite , iSupport , NixieAffiliate ]
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