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Easily Create & Manage Your One Time Offers!

Finally, You Can Now Implement An OTO Without Having To Go Through The Difficulties And Frustrations Of Manually Creating, Publishing, Maintaining, And Adjusting Your On-Page Displays!

Unleash The Power Of One-Time Offers With The Ultimate OTO Weapon Known To The World Wide Web!

Turbo OTO Manager, The Ultimate Sales Boosting Strategy, Simplified!

With the Turbo OTO Manager, you won’t have to worry about creating, publishing, changing, maintaining, and taking down your one-time offers. No, Ladies and Gentlemen! With the Turbo OTO Manager, you can do all of these things with the click of a few buttons.

Just take a look at what the Turbo OTO Manager can do for your campaigns:

- Create OTOs ever so easily with your own text and The program’s interface is powerful enough to help you come up with your very own one-time offer.

- Display your OTO on your website via iFRAME. Those who have tried iFRAME know how difficult - and frustrating - it is to get the right diameters and positions for your displays. But the Turbo OTO Manager makes it sooooo easy. It will generate a code which, again, you can just copy and paste into your source code.

- Display your OTO on your website via a webpage. Flexible web pages use php encoding, which is another web language to master. But with the Turbo OTO Manager, even if you know nothing about php, you can still display your OTO on your website with ease!

- Host your OTO on another page and incorporate the URL into your website via the Turbo OTO Manager’s centralized control panel. Even if you’re running multiple OTOs for multiple campaigns, you can conveniently manage them through the admin area.

- Best of all, once your OTO is over, you can choose what to show on your displays! This is the problem shared by most online marketers who try out one-time offers: how can they inform their audience that the OTO is over? The Turbo OTO Manager makes this very easy. Through the aforementioned control panel, you can conveniently change the message on your OTO display!

The Turbo OTO Manager accomplishes something that was once impossible: it has made the OTO an accessible Internet marketing tactic for each and every online businessman!

Truly, this is the only tool you will need to devise and distribute your very own one-time offer. It is the only investment you should make. And it promises to be the best one at that!

Turbo OTO Manager is a PHP script that uses a MySQL database for your one time offers. It can be installed on any server that supports PHP scripts.

The Internet Company LLC (John Delavera) [did also : OTO One Time Offer , The AdSense Almanac , 10 REAL AdSense Secrets by Ryan Deiss , JV Manager 2.0 Fantasos ]
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