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Multi Media Training Courses

The Affiliate Community has created an Amazing program that allows you to start Making Money Right Away while you’re learning the Secrets To Internet Marketing.

You can Earn As You Learn! Now, you can take all the time you need to learn and to create your own Successful Internet Business.

The Affiliate Community gives you the way to build an Immediate Cash Flow that can finance all of your Online Business ventures.

And, with what you learn at The Affiliate Community you will be able to go out and create Cash Flow Machine and Generate Cash On Demand... any time you want!

You’ll discover "The Closely Guarded Secrets" that only a select few "In The Know" Internet Marketers have used to Generate Millions in Online Sales.

Here’s just a sample:

  • How To Set Up And Design Your Own Web Site
  • How To Create Your Own Products On Demand
  • How To Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products
  • How To Build A Highly Responsive Mailing List
  • How To Generate Massive Traffic for FREE
  • How To Set Up An Autoresponder
  • How To Set Up A Shopping Cart To Sell Products
  • How To Set Up Your Own Adwords Account
  • How To Set Up Your Own Blog
  • How To Set Up Web Audio And Video

Plus Web 2.0 Strategies Like:

  • My Space
  • YouTube
  • Craig’s List
  • Squidoo
  • etc.

TAC/The Affiliate Community Training And Resources

When You Join TAC You’ll Get Access To:

- Over 200 Hours Of Video Training

- Over 100 Hours Of Audio Interviews And Training

- Over 100 eBooks, Courses, and Manuals

- Loads Of Software Programs

- 1,000’s Of Articles You Can Use As Your Own

- Private Label Products To Sell As Your Own

- One-On-One Personal Support Rep

- Ongoing Support For All Your Customers

- Access To The TAC Master-Mind Forums

- Weekly Tele-Seminars with Top Pro Marketers

- Free Admission To Any Of Our Live Events

- And, Much Much More.......

Packages Pricelist:

  • Subscriber : US$39.95/Monthly + US$20 Registration Fee = US$59.95
  • Gold VIP : US$157.00/Monthly + US$2.95 Kit = US$159.95
  • Platinum VIP : US$297.00/Monthly + US$2.95 Kit = US$299.95
  • Diamond VIP : US$997.00/Monthly + US$2.95 Kit = US$999.95
Absolutee Corp Ltd ( Harris Fellman)(Steve Renner)
Monthly Subscription
Money Back
30 days
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