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Find Misspelled eBay Auction Bargains With SpellingBee!

How would YOU like to get TWO new easy income streams? You already got Master Resale Rights when you downloaded SpellingBee. Now we’re offering YOU an amazing opportunity to make EVEN MORE INCOME from this unique software. With your own Special Customized Version of SpellingBee, YOU will have the chance to do just that.

Here’s how:

- 1 - Your software will use your own eBay affiliate ID so you will earn commission from EVERY purchase your users make. eBay pay at least $12 for every new active user you refer and at least 40% of eBay’s revenue on Winning Bids or Buy-It-Nows. The more software you sell or give away, the bigger the potential affiliate income!

- 2 - You will be invited to join our SpellingBee Affiliate Program which means we will give you a massive 50% (that’s more than $16 per sale) of revenue from EVERY SpellingBee user who orders our customization service! The link to the page you are reading now is clearly displayed at all times in the SpellingBee window and that will be your own affiliate link! We use ClickBank to manage our affiliate tracking and payments so you can be sure your commission will be paid promptly and accurately.

IndieSoft [did also : Auction Category Master ]
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