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Sonic Page Blaster is a template-based web site generation tool that can output hundreds of search engine-friendly pages in a matter of seconds. Each page can include a navigation system, any number of links to sales pages or additional content, AdSense(tm) ads, and an e-mail opt-in form. Because the page templates are customizable, it is easy to create mini-sites that have the look and feel of their parent web site. Sonic Page Blaster-generated web pages also have automatic insertion of keywords, descriptions, titles, and headlines, all of which assist search engine spiders.

Author Ross Lambert said that, "I originally wrote Sonic Page Blaster as an easy way to put content on my web site. However, because I was adding fresh and relevant content to my site more often, I found that it had the side-effect of pushing the linked pages higher in search engine rankings."

Publisher Jay Jennings added out that, "If your main sales page is for a ’Learn to Play Guitar’ video, you could easily find public domain articles about guitars and drop the text of each into Sonic Page Blaster. You configure the software to display AdSense ads, show an e-mail opt-in form, and include a link to your main sales page. Within seconds, you’ve got a search engine-friendly web site that includes back-links from relevant content and related ads that can make money even if your site visitor doesn’t buy."

Sonic Page Blaster also includes a wealth of information regarding sources of both free and paid content for web sites and e-zines.

Building on the success of the industry standard Sonic Memo, Jay Jennings, LLC provides product support as well as a Sonic Page Blaster owner’s forum. In addition, Jay Jennings is providing opportunities for third party developers to create templates and Sonic Page Blaster add-ons.

Jay Jennings LLC (Jay Jennings)(Ross Lambert) [did also : Article Architect , SonicPage Blaster , Sonic Page Blaster ]
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