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SiteViralizer software has a referral system AND an affiliate system built right in!

It creates your membership site through a simple point and click interface, then walks your customers through an incredibly powerful sign up process that almost sucks the money right out of their wallets!

Members can move up the membership levels at no cost if they refer their friends to the site! Each time they refer a certain number of friends (that you set), they go up a level and gain access to more content.

Any user that signs up for membership is automatically added to the affiliate system, and is instantly ready to start earning commission on referrals!

This combination produces a powerful viral effect that will have users fighting to be the first to refer a mutual friend, and the effect will only snowball as your site grows.

Here’s what your members see:

- Step 1: The Big Squeeze - Your Squeeze Page which offers visitors a FREE membership to your site. It’s a ’no-brainer’ offer especially if you work in some great benefits of joining into your sales copy. Anyone visiting this page has nothing to lose so they’ll sign up

- Step 2: Tell-A-Friend - Now you’re ready to start making some income! They confirmed their email address - Sidenote: they must confirm it or they don’t get access - This way you ensure only valid users are given access. You now present them with an opportunity to tell their friends about your amazing offer

- Step 3: One Time Offer - Here comes the FIRST power profit strategy - New members are offered a PAID one time upgrade to a premium membership level with more content! They only get one chance to upgrade at a cheaper price, and if they skip it now, it’s gone forever. This step is powerful and you’ll be amazed at the results. If members choose not to upgrade, they can always upgrade later at a higher cost, so make sure you tell them that in your sales pitch!

- Step 4: Referral System - Here comes the SECOND power profit strategy - Members who choose not to take the One Time Offer can use the built in referral system to progress to the higher membership levels This means they’ll be referring as many people as they can in order to access the premium content - And remember a percentage of those referrals are likely to take the One Time Offer upgrade.

- Step 5: Affiliate System! - Here comes the THIRD power profit strategy - Members can earn money through the built in affiliate system. Any referred members that take the One Time Offer and upgrade are awarded a commission of that sale. Now that’s an incentive! All new members, whether they’re free or paid members, are automatically added to the built in affiliate system so they can immediately start earning commission. When it comes to paying affiliates, SiteViralizer will generate a PayPal mass-pay file for you, so you can do it all in just a few clicks!

SiteViralizer is packed with a ton of features to make your life easy, and to give you maximum control over your viral empire:

  • Built in affiliate system
  • Powerful newsletter panel
  • Export user list
  • Detailed financial statements
  • Monthly affiliate statements
  • Multiple membership levels
  • Full control over content
  • Template driven style
  • One off payments or subscriptions
  • And much more...
Hodgkinson Marketing Ltd (Simon Hodgkinson) [did also : Split Test King ]
Single Server License
Money Back
60 days
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