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Retrieve any static or dynamic site with all the images, SWFs, CSS and HTML

Now you can explore any Web site on your own time, right in Dreamweaver. Site Import retrieves any Web site - static or dynamic - and recreates the site with all the images, SWFs, CSS and HTML intact. Site Import brings in the whole site in one operation and maintains the site structure as well. Whether you’re storing your client’s sites on CD-ROM or exploring others, Site Import is the one tool to get.

- Get all the files you need, fast - Whether you’re importing a single page or an entire site, Site Import is completely configurable. Bring in just the branch of a site or limit your selection to specific file types.

- Pause and resume site downloads - With Site Import 2.0’s new user interface, you can start, pause and restart downloads at any time. The panel interface displays all the download stats you’ll need.

- No limit retrieval - With Site Import 2.0 you can import as many pages from a site as you’d like - no more limits! Even better, this new version lets you retrieve page types without identifying them so you can do more with less work.

- Learn from the pros - Learning by example is a time-honored tradition on the Web - and now WebAssist makes it easy. Point Site Import at any Web site and you’ll be able to explore it at your leisure, right from within Dreamweaver.

- Dynamic and database-driven sites, too! - Site Import works its magic with all kinds of Web sites - including those developed with ASP, ColdFusion, PHP or even .NET. Site Import stores the browser representation of any dynamic page, re-writing file names and URLs to maintain links and site structure.

- Site structure simplified - Site Import preserves the structure of a site as it imports it. Once brought into Dreamweaver, open up Site Map view to get a visual representation of the site. Want to explore a site locally? Just preview any page in the browser and follow the links.

WebAssist Corp [did also : PayPal eCommerce Toolkit , Merchant Toolkit for eBay , eBay StoreBuilder ]
Win 2000/XP
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