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Shufuni is a free pornographic video sharing website, similar to YouTube or Google Video is a website containing pornographic content, with audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex. Its mechanism of sharing video is similar to Youtube and MetaCafe it also uses the format Marcomedia Flash to publish the video clips. This adult movie website is built to the web 2.0 specification making it more a community then a porno site. slogan is "Upload videos, have fun" and it support the MPEG, WMV and AVI file extensions used for video, The site was created in 2006.

The site is divided into categories and uses many of the latest techniques implemented in web2.0 category sites such as: Tags, Sharing, AJAX upload and visitor based content. Many of the videos featured at are what is often referred to as "amateur pornography."

Shufuni means upload, watch, tag and share porn videos. Browse thousands of original videos uploaded by our community members. Shufuni allows you to quickly navigate the last uploaded, most viewed and highest rated videos. share your thoughts and upload your own stuff to be viewed by thousands of viewers around the world.

Shufuni meaning is driven from Arabic free translation for "Look at me"

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