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Billions of dollars are spent by eBay users on products from charm bracelets to sport utility vehicles. People all over the world are beginning to use eBay to buy and sell products. From the comforts of their own homes, many eBay users make selling on eBay their full-time job. Would you like to work from home with your own profitable eBay business? Or, would you like to earn some extra money that makes the retirement years look a little easier?

Selling on eBay : Make 50% More Profit with your eBay Business details eBay sales tips and techniques that will do more than just get your eBay business off the ground. The topics in this book will help you save time and make more money with your eBay business.

In this eBook, you will find:

  • Where to find the most profitable items to sell on eBay.
  • More than 30 tips and techniques for making more profit with your eBay listings.
  • What days and times to end your auctions to optimize profits.
  • Why eBay user feedback is so important and how to boost your feedback rating.
  • How to create title listings that gives your auctions the broadest search coverage and drives tons traffic to your item listings.
  • What equipment you must have to make great money selling on eBay.
  • Why avoiding a reserve price is a great thing.
  • Techniques for cutting eBay listing fees by 75%.
  • How to create a sales-driven letter with your auction descriptions.
  • Where to find cheap (sometimes free) shipping materials.
  • Where to find eBay listing management software that helps automate your eBay business.
  • How to make money even when a buyer does not pay.
  • The importance of competitive research to your eBay business.
  • And much more...
John Michael Summar
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