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Be one of the first to experience the power of this revolutionary search engine cloaking software and watch your traffic skyrocket!

What can the SellWide Cloaker do?

Well, for example, our Cloaking script can compile your existing HTML pages and make them friendly for Search Engine spiders. Just enter the URL and the SellWide Cloaker does the rest based on your key words and the descriptions you have specified.

Here’s how it works (plain and simple):

- 1. Hits come to your site;
- 2. The Sellwide Cloaker automatically interprets whether this hit is a real person or a search engine spider;
- 3. If the hit is a spider, the Sellwide Cloaker feeds it with search engine optimized pages containing keywords that you specified. If the hit is a human, the SellWide Cloaker redirects them to your real page;
- 4. The search engine spiders take the "cloaked" pages of all the keywords you specified and store them in their files. Voila! You have just greatly increased your chances of higher placement in the search results.

Here are just a few Key Features:
- Automatic installer
- Sellwide Cloaker allows you to cloak as many pages as you want
- Dynamic page generating
- Template driven cloaked page generation
- Detecting spiders by IP address and IP address range
- Log spider visits
- Powerful stealth technology


Your Web host needs to have the following system requirements (most do)

  • Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
  • Perl interpreter ver5.005 or higher
  • Apache web server ver1.3 or higher with .htaccess

Pricing Plan

  • 1x domain : US$74.95
  • 5x domains : US$127.95
  • 10x domains : US$188.95
  • 20x domains : US$287.95
Sellwide Corp (Konstantin Ursalov) [did also : Affiliate Manager for ClickBank , Earn-it Manager for ClickBank , Affiliate Manager for ClickBank , Earn-it Manager for ClickBank , Earn-It Manager ]
Single Domain
Money Back
30 days
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