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Do you use affiliate data feeds? Here’s How YOU can clobber your competition
- Earn More Money!
- Protect your hard-earned commissions!
- STOP Internet Thieves Dead in Their Tracks!
- Gain a HUGE advantage over your Competitors!
- Get BETTER Search Engine Listings!

Leave your competitors standing in the dust!

It’s no secret! There are people out there who would love to steal your affiliate commissions! They’ll take your money as fast as you try to earn it! It’s easy! All they need to do is to replace your affiliate code in your affiliate link with their own, and they collect the commission that YOU should be getting.

That’s one reason why YOU should use various cloaking software to hide their affiliate links from the thieves and pickpockets who would rob you of the commissions that you should have rightly received, but that’s not the ONLY reason. Read on, and I’ll reveal to you how you can literally leave your competitors eating your dust...

There are many schemes and software programs on the market that will allow you to cloak your affiliate links..... Cloaking your affiliate links is a pretty simple process. (If you only have a few.) Do a search in any search engine, and you’ll find lots of websites that will teach you how to do that.... and several very good software programs that will help you to write the specialized code needed. These schemes are great and work very well if you have only a few affiliate links in your web pages. Use them as you’re building your website, and not only will you be protected from the commission thieves, but you’ll actually enjoy a higher Search engine ranking! Do you want higher search engine ranking? Who wouldn’t? You need every advantage you can get! That’s why you use data feed software. Search engine algorithms are changing. Competition is increasing. Getting good search engine listings for your affiliate pages is not as easy as it used to be. Many experts feel that with today’s search engine algorithms, affiliate pages do not get ranked as well as non affiliate pages.

By cloaking your affiliate links, YOU could find a huge increase in your monthly affiliate checks!

The Secret Link Cloaker will hide your affiliate links in ANY data feed generated website. Works with the Secret Money Generator, Webmerge, Traffic Hurricane or any other data feed based website generator. Now you can cloak ALL your affiliate links in just seconds.

The system actually consists of two programs.

The first program works on your local computer. It modifies your data feed, inserting another field with your new cloaked URL. All you have to do with this program is to select the data feed you want to modify, tell it how you want to name your new cloaked files and push the button. The program will tear it’s way through any sized data feed, from just a few items to MILLIONS of items, creating a new "cloaked_URL" field in your data feed for each and every item in the feed. This process takes just a few seconds. Then you will simply use this new field INSTEAD of your original affiliate link when you build your website. The Secret Link Cloaker will handle the rest of the details for you.

Here’s an example!

Let’s take an actual example. In a datafeed, I might have an affiliate link that looks like this:

An unscrupulous person could easily replace the user ID 65046 with their own, and you’d lose your commission. When you run the Secret Link Cloaked, it adds another field to my database that looks like this:

Notice this... Now I have another very valuable keyword specific text link on MY website... assuming of course is my domain name. Instead of that long convoluted URL, the Secret Link Cloaker has replaced it with a KEYWORD RICH page name on my server. Adding SPECIFIC keywords like this will help you get better search engine ranking, and of course ultimately bring more visitors to your website. This gives you a HUGE advantage over your competitors who may be using the same data feed but without link cloaking.

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