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* Search Engine Studio 2006/01 Solution Xtreeme GmbH US$99


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Creating a search engine for your web site does not have to be difficult! With Search Engine Studio within a few minutes you can create a full-text search engine for your web site (works with any existing hosting) as a CGI or PHP script (or Java servlet), or you can even create an offline search engine for a CD-ROM / DVD distribution.

The difference between Search Engine Studio and other search engine generators is that it uses its own highly optimized database engine so there is absolutely no installation required on the server. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps of the assistant to have the program automatically index your website and then upload the required files to your server. Everything the search engine needs will be located on YOUR server without any references to other websites to ensure best possible performance. The search results will not display any ads or other unwanted content and for the first time you can FULLY customize the displayed result page appearance.

Search Engine Studio is based on SiteXpert(TM) technology which for the past 7 years has been helping thousands of web developers create their search engines and site navigation solutions.


  • works with any existing hosting solution
  • incredibly easy installation of the search engine
  • generate search for a wide range of targets (web site, intranet or offline search)
  • indexes static & dynamic HTML pages (e.g. PHP, ASP, CGI, JSP, ColdFusion), PDF documents, MS Office documents
  • 4 unique ways of scanning a web site: HTTP crawler / FTP / local+network disk / XML file
  • no information about the program on search pages
  • create unlimited number of search engines with a single license
  • high performance
  • easy to get started — build a search engine in a few minutes
  • easy integration with existing web site
  • fully flexible formatting of search results
  • automatic updates of databases
  • content preview of search results
  • phrase search
  • advanced boolean search (using AND, OR, NOT and parentheses)
  • wildcard search
  • search box appearance and options can be set using a built-in tool
  • result filtering based on documents’ creation date, type or URL
  • foreign language support
  • small database size
  • multilple database sets
  • FTP upload
  • customizable result ranking
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • works with frame-based or frameless configurations
  • informative and clear user interface
  • Very fast crawling module
  • Password manager for indexing protected areas
  • Indexing of multiple websites
  • Compliance with robots.txt
  • UTF-8 support
  • Optional NT/XP Service
  • Crawling of Flash-based sites

Supported platforms
-  User interface: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/ME
-  Output code: All platforms (including Unix/MacOS/Windows)

Price Plan

Document limit Web license Intranet license CDRom license
1000 US$99.00 US$299.00 US$499.00
2000 US$149.00 US$399.00 US$599.00
3000 US$299.00 US$599.00 US$899.00
no limit US$599.00 US$899.00 US$1,299.00
Xtreeme GmbH (Rafael Zwiegincew) [did also : FollowUpXpert Professional , FollowUpXpert Standard ]
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