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Protect your Flash content and the long hours spent in development. Mindshare Software’s second release, SWFExpire, an Actionscript 2.0-based Flash extension for Flash CS3 is now available. SWFExpire allows developers to set expiration dates for their SWF files. Upon expiration SWFExpire will display a detailed, custom message to the SWF user.

SWFExpire sets an expiration date for your SWF. Add a custom message and optionally attach a MovieClip from the library upon expiration. Configuration options include setting a unique expiration date, message and visual styles. SWFExpire is extremely lightweight and adds very little overhead to your SWF files.

The MovieClip generated by SWFExpire to block user interaction uses a randomly generated Actionscript linkage ID name, preventing any possibility of bypassing the expiration message and accessing the expired content.

Mindshare Studios Inc (Damian Taggart)
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