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KeywordCandy’s SLURL code takes Search Engine Cloaker (SEC) software to a whole new level!

SLURL is the name of our well known Code released to work specifically with Search Engine Cloaker (SEC) Software and the SEC template feature. When you get your hands on SLURL, you will instantly gain complete control over every important aspect of on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), from your URLs all the way down to placement of keywords throughout your pages. This quickly results in higher ranking pages!

Not only will SLURL increase a pages ranking by letting you fully control your page’s keyword output and density, but it will also increase your page’s PageRank (PR)! With one simple insertion of our unique code and one minor change in how you make your template, SLURL will rocket Search Engine Cloaker to a whole new level!

How does SLURL do it?

KeywordCandy has developed a simple piece of code that you can apply to your SEC setup in under 60 seconds. This code allows you to do some really incredible things never before possible. Take a look at what it does!

No more need for randomly created, ineffective URLs

SLURL eliminates the need for randomly produced URLs that SEC is known for. The problem with SEC generated URLs is that they are ineffective. They exist but pay no real benefit to your cloaked pages.

If you’ve studied Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which many of you have, then you may well know that including your keywords in your URL is perhaps one of the most effective ways of generating top rankings. SEC generated pages have never really had the ability to create pages that use your keywords in your URL AND on your page. It had very limited ability to address this important SEO point.

Even though SEC has a very powerful built-in syntax called ‘linkwords’, until now, this syntax has been more like a plane with only one wing. There has not been a real way to benefit fully from ‘linkwords’ because of SEC’s random URL creation.

For example, SEC may create a list of URLs (you choose the number of URLs it creates). Say you tell it to create 100 URLs. You can control whether the URL uses query strings (ie, /cloakword/widgets.php?bananas=false&wid=blue) or pseudo-directories (ie, /cloakword/widgets/bananas/blue.html). But now it will create clean, controlalbe URLs (ie, /cloakword/blue-widgets.html)!

This is a very powerful ability and I’ll explain why...

- Using SLURL with [linkwords] - For the sake of this example, we will use the following URLs:

- SEC generated query string URL - /cloakword/widgets.php?bananas=false&wid=blue

- SEC generated pseudo directory URL - /cloakword/widgets/bananas/blue.html

- SLURL generated clean URL - /cloakword/blue-widgets.html

The very powerful, built-in ‘linkwords’ function of SEC is based on a great idea. It allows you to pull keywords from your URL and place them throughout your cloaked pages. Unfortunately, for all of it’s strengths, it also has a real weakness. That weakness boils down to one word: Control.

Let me show you some examples of how the SEC ‘linkwords’ function normally works to build sentences in your template and then I’ll show you exactly how much better ‘linkwords’ functions after implementing the SLURL advantage:

Imagine that in your template you have an opening sentence like:

  • Welcome to! In 2005, our [linkwords] were voted #1 [linkwords] on the net by!

Using SEC generated query string URLs (as seen above), the results would look like this:

  • Welcome to! In 2005, our widgets.php bananas false wid blue were voted #1 widgets.php bananas false wid blue on the net by!

Not too pretty, right?

Lets try SEC generated pseudo directory results:

  • Welcome to! In 2005, our widgets bananas blue were voted #1 widgets bananas blue on the net by!

Better, but still, yuck!!

But with SLURL URLs your results would look like this:

  • Welcome to! In 2005, our blue widgets were voted #1 blue widgets on the net by!

Yay! Hurrah! Finally, something that rocks!

Pretty slick if you ask me and I’ve been doing this for a long time. In fact, you can reuse ‘linkwords’ too. So, with SLURL you can place your keyword phrase ‘blue widgets’ in your title, h1, h2, and throughout the body of your pages any number of times you wish and always get completely optimized pages, top to bottom! Keyword Density becomes a real breeze!

Creating same-link URLs with SLURL

One great benefit of Search Engine Cloaker Software is that it allows you to place any number of links throughout your dynamically produced cloaked pages. This is very nice on it’s own because these links help the Search Engines find your other cloaked pages.

However, normally when a Spider enters a link from page #1 linking to page #2, SEC has no way of assuring that page #2 will target the same keyword phrase that your link was referring to. For example, if a link on your page uses the link text ‘blue widgets’ to link to another cloaked page, in reality the spider may be sent to a page targeting ‘yellow bananas’ or ‘pink porcelain’ or any keyword phrase from your word lists. Unfortunately this small detail destroys your site’s link relevancy and suddenly the potential PR value of each page is diminished.

But, with SLURL, a link like ‘blue widgets’ will go to a page that totally targets blue widgets from the URL all the way down to the last sentence. As you can see, this creates link relevancy, an important factor that Google uses when determining the PR value of each page! Presto! Suddenly each page’s full PR potential is being used and your chance of attaining higher PR becomes much greater!

How does SLURL create Same Link URLs?

Not to worry! SLURL does this for you on the fly! (By same link URLs we mean that the link uses the same text that the resulting URL will use). All you have to do manually is change the way you create links in your template. It’s simple and we’ll explain it all in our easy-to-follow setup instructions which come free with each SLURL package.


SLURL is so powerful that it will continue to create URLs until all of your keywords have been used. For example, if you use 1,000 keywords in your [SEC->] setup, 1000 URLs will be created. That means, one highly optimized page for every single keyword you use!

Infact, if you use the Static Page Add-on, you can simply type in a URL like and a highly optimized page targeting your ‘keyword phrase’ will be produced on the fly. You can then view source on the page, copy & paste it into your Static Page Add-on admin console and you will have your static page created. This is useful for creating more targeted Static Pages!

However, because of the Power of SLURL, it is absolutely necessary to govern it’s power by limiting the number of keywords that you put in your wordlists. Only put as many keywords in your lists as the number of URLs (pages) that you want SLURL to create for you. Again, SLURL will NOT stop creating pages like SEC does on it’s own. Even if you tell SEC to generate only 300 URLs, SLURL WILL continue to produce pages until your entire keyword lists are used. You will NOT want to make 10,000 pages all at once. It might tip-off the Search Engines that you are cloaking.

That said, all you have to do is go in once every week or two and rotate out your keyword lists with new lists, removing your old lists and eventally all of your keywords will have their own highly optimized cloaked page in the Search Engines. THAT is the power of SLURL. Use it wisely!

We Love It!

We’re very proud to be able to offer SLURL to the SEC community because you have all been such a big part of our lives over the last few years. We hope that you’ll find SLURL to be as simple and effective as we do and that it will help you get to where you’re headed that much faster.

So, go ahead and pick up your SLURL package right now. It will be sent to you automatically upon purchase and 20 minutes from now your cloaker software will be a different machine altogether.

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