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What is SEOPortals?

The Most Technologically Advanced World Class All-In-One Traffic Generation LSI On-Site Optimized CMS that gets Your Site Top Rankings & The Kind of Traffic You Need!

It is the ultimate powerhouse kick ass and move to the top search engine optimization tool quietly used by an underground group of SEO experts who have been doing SEO work under the radar since 1995.

SEOP Publishes clusters of three to five niche defined Rich Content on-site optimized html web sites that are intra/inter and back linked which are built off our in house 10 Million Analytical Keyword database and 1 MILLION PLUS in-house Niche Defined LSI Article Database.

SEOP automatically publishes and grows your portal of sites long term and pushes the niche defined rich content into internal and external blog networks as well as social bookmark sites and 1,100 article directories. All with a single tool.

SEOP does it all and does it better then any other single tool out there.

Do You Want to Dominate Your Niche Rankings? and Crush your Competition?

- SEOPortals™ Is Loaded With World Class Features Top to Bottom. Now anyone can take over top ranks for their niche!

- Publish Static HTML Web Sites & Internal & External Blogs & Social Bookmark Networks - automatically publish, maintain and continuously update SEO on-site optimized content to your network of web sites and internal / external blog networks. Hundreds, even thousands of them. Many users publish dozens of sites within days of licensing.

- Build Affiliate Super Malls of Products - Use our data Import system to build niche "shopping malls" and product review sites using huge affiliate content databases. Get product feeds with images sent directly to you from over 20,000 online shopping malls and import them directly into your niche sites. Each page is automatically linked to a merchant with your affiliate link making SEOPortals™ and affiliate content an extremely powerful combo. Click Here To See A Current List of Our Product Feeds

-  FREE In-house 10 Million Keyword Database - Use the SEOP built in keyword databases with analytical stats to guide your keyword selections and/or the built in Google Keyword database.

-  FREE 1 MILLION LSI Article Content Database - Automatically fill article sections of your sites with LSI SEO optimized niche targeted content from our LSI database of over 1,000,000 articles. These pages are automatically posted once a day and organized using our LSI system to gain top rankings for your best keyword lists. This alone is a tremendous time saver and puts very serious power at your fingertips.

- 10,000 Plus Audio Book Titles Pay 20% - A hot way to add more monetization to any site. Audio Books will soon out sell all other items online according to the experts. But we love the content for what it is. Pure raw virgin content. Search engines love it which is one reason our Diet site rose to the top in a matter of months.

- SEO Content Management System - Never has it been easier to manage, organize, and arrange your content so it gets top ranks in search engines. You can load one article at a time or millions because you can tell SEOPortals™ to upload your content how and when you want. With automatic on-site optimization™ and internal LinkStrategy™ linking this is the most advanced SEO/CMS on the market. Plus it is a super affiliate mall builder.

- Advanced On Site SEO Optimized Hosting - Host your clusters of SEOportal sites across 1,000 unique C-Class IP’s on as many as 200 domains. We host each domain on a different server in our world wide network of 200 name servers, and over 200 hosting servers.

- Automatic Inbound RSS Feeds - feeds from thousands of sites, bring quality niche defined news straight to your site and you easily choose the ones you want on you sites.

- Built in RSS Distribution Feeds - allows your visitors to subscribe to your content via RSS delivered to their RSS reader as it is published to your clusters of portal sites. They can also sign up for your email list and/or newsletter.

- Indexing Automation - SEOPortals™ turnkey LinkStrategy™ software automates the submission of your site map into Google and Yahoo, and gets your site listed in major social networks such as Digg, Shoutwire and Delicious much faster.

- Automatic Back & Cross Linking - As the system automatically adds content to your web sites and internal and external blog networks, your content is automatically back linked in ways to grow you to the top of the major search engines by the advanced LinkStrategy™ software.

- Pay Per Click Insertion - Simply enter your PPC and affiliate codes one time into SEOPortals™ and you can pick and choose what portals you want them on. We suggest you do not add any ads to your portals until they are getting decent traffic numbers. Search engines tend to give pages with pure unique content and no sales items or ads more relevancy.

SEO Portals Training & Support

  • Mastermind With Our Seasoned SEO Experts - Live customer support offered 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Watch our detailed Training Videos, join our private forum to get quick answers to all your questions, and get LIVE 1 on 1 coaching whenever you need it.
  • Advanced SEO / SEOP Q&A - Once a week the creator of SEOPortals™ and the man behind building a site that now receives up to 8MM visitors a month will host an advanced SEO Q&A session.
  • Limited Licenses Available - To provide the best customer service to our licensees and to NOT liquidate the power of SEOPortals we will only allow a certain number of new licensees per month and long term no more then 3000 licenses will ever be issued so we do not saturate any given niche.
  • Live Coaching & Training - Get Live One on One Coaching when you need it. With live coaching from your very own long term personal SEOPortals expert, you will have the kind of support you will not find elsewhere. Our goal is your success and those are not empty words.
  • The Private Membership Site - Get fast answers & advice from SEO experts, web designers, programmers, copy writers, graphic designers, technicians and fellow SEOPortals™ Members. (site launch’s September 1 or sooner.) Use our current member site until then.
  • SEOPortals™ Training Manuals, Videos and TrainingTree™ - An outstanding series of PDF documents, web pages and videos that expose the exact formula you need to follow in order to get your sites built and make them profitable. Use the fast start TrainingTree™ which walks you step by step through the process with screen shot overviews, step by step videos of each step in the process and PDF manuals.
  • Fast Technical Support 12 Hours A Day - Our seasoned SEO experts are highly skilled using SEOPortals™. They will be available any time you need help from 11am until 11pm EST. Just skype us and you will usually get an instant response. What is more disgusting then getting software and then having to chase and wait for support. It pisses us off and am confident you as well.

Lets Recap What You Get:

  • Automated SEO CMS Portal Builder!
  • FREE 1 MILLION LSI Niche Articles!
  • 1.25 Million Page Audio Book Content!
  • Affiliate Network Product Data Feed Import!
  • Import Your Own Content by CSV or TXT Files!
  • Rich Content Sites Cut PPC Cost Drastically!
  • HIgh Power Kick Ass Adscense Sites!
  • Built-in RSS, Blogs, Social Bookmarks!
  • Automatic Growth of HTML & Blog Content!
  • Worlds Largest SEO Optimized Hosting Network!
  • TrafficExpertPro FREE Membership!
  • The Hot New TrainingTree Training System!
  • 22 Years of SEO Expertise to Guide You!

SEO Portals Pricelist

  • 10 Domain Account Only $ 97 a Month
  • 100 Domain Account Only $197 a Month
  • 200 Domain Account Only $297 a Month
  • Additional domains 25 $67 . 50 $97 . 100 $197 . 200 $297

Note: The $97 account only comes with 10 domains do to the base cost of the hosting. The more domains you get now the lower your cost long term. Once you learn how to use the wizard you can knock out 2 to 3 stage 1 portals a day part time. The more niche portals you publish the more traffic you will get. It is that simple.

- Order with One Payment of $2750 and Save $250 Starting third month $297 hosting fee. Run up to 200 domains on individual IP and name servers.

- 3 Monthly Payments of $999 Starting third month $297 hosting fee. Run up to 200 domains on individual IP and name servers.

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