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Your Passport To Getting Joint Venture Deals With Top Internet Marketers!

Discover the Secrets To Creating Lucrative Joint Ventures That Can Boost Your Credibility And Create A Pipeline Of Cash Flows Within The Next 30 Days...Even If You Do Not Have Your Own Product Or Have Never Set Up A Joint Venture Before!

Let me start by asking you an important question. What do you think is the best way to generate targeted and responsive traffic to your web site and therefore exploding your cash flow and popularity?

Let me give you a hint! It is not any of these:

  • 1. Search engines
  • 2. GOOGLE Adwords
  • 3. Pay per click search engines
  • 4. Viral marketing
  • 5. Traffic exchanges
  • 6. Ezine Ads
  • 7. Web 2.0 Traffic
  • 8. Safelists
  • 9. Classified Ads
  • 10. FFA

I can honestly tell you that all the above traffic strategies do help to generate traffic. Some are free while others will cost you some money. Some are more effective than others.

Of course, all the above traffic strategies help to generate traffic, and I do know something about traffic generation. In fact, I authored an ebook: 101 ways to drive traffic to any web site - EXPOSED!

But there is a "No Fail" strategy that all the Big Dogs of Internet marketing are using successfully and are not telling you about!

The good news is that today I am going to reveal that method to you!

Richard Quek’s JV Secrets, Your Passport To Getting Joint Venture Deals With Top Internet Marketers - Fast!

Okay, before I talk about the benefits that you’ll receive from this unique ebook, let me reveal to you what information and strategies you’ll be receiving on a silver platter:

- 1. You will learn about the basics of Joint Ventures. This includes...

    • a. the types of Joint Venture
    • b. benefits of Joint Venture
    • c. where to source for JV partners
    • d. the mindset needed to succeed
    • e. the important steps to take
    • f. useful tools to use
    • g. others...

- 2. You will learn about the various strategies I personally use. By following them, you will have Internet marketers begging to participate in your JV projects.

- 3. I will dissect before your eyes four of my own JV projects

    • The Internet Money Machine
    • EXPOSED!
    • ZOOM
    • My Discount Vault

I will reveal to you how I first started out, having no contact with any of the top Internet marketers. I will inspire you by showing you how I do it and how you can do it too if you just follow what I did. You have an excellent role model in me!

- 4. I will show you all the emails that I used for all 4 projects. Okay, you can have access to these emails for your own personal use. I also include comments to explain the psychology behind each email I sent.

- 5. You will get all the promotional ads that I provided to my JV partners for each project.

- 6. Some of the JV projects involve Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights. You will be given the exact text to be used when working with products that have Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights.

- 7. You will receive the actual letters that I sent to my JV partners.

- 8. I have prepared a series of email templates that you can use. Just fill in the blanks and presto... you have a series of emails to send, inviting JV partners to participate in your project.

- 9. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with me and my team. I list the simple qualifications that you need to have to work with me and my team of Internet marketers.

- 10. In short, I am including the whole shebang! What I did from 2003 to 2004. This is the critical period of my Joint Venture journey and you can learn from my successes and challenges.

Here are the immediate benefits to you:

  • You can tap into my first-hand experience and reduce your learning curve.
  • You can avoid the pitfalls and challenges by learning from my personal experience.
  • You do not have to create your emails from scratch. You can use my emails as samples. These exact emails I used worked for my JV projects and they can work for you too. Hey, it’s even OK with me if you copy it word for word. I just want to see you succeed!
  • The email templates I have included will save you lots of time. Just fill in the blanks and you have a series of emails ready to sent out.
  • The ebook is in PDF format. I have taken the time to create all the sample emails in text format so that you can use them easily. You can amend, copy and paste as you like!
  • You will drive massive, targeted, and responsive traffic to your web site using these proven strategies.
  • You have often heard that the Money is in the list. You will learn how to build the best kind of list there is: your list of JV partners.
  • And many other benefits that you will get by digesting the ebook.
Quek Hong Hoon [did also : TIMM Internet Money Machine eSeminar ]
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