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Revenue magazine delivers the most integrated and personally relevant information to today’s online marketers. Our editorial intelligence is focused on all aspects of the online marketing experience, including key business strategies, innovative marketing methods, effective online advertising techniques and emerging trends in technology.

We expand your knowledge with in-depth analysis, case studies, opinion columns and online marketing resources that are focused on maximizing the performance of affiliate marketers, partner marketers and search marketers.

Our comprehensive articles include all relevant points of view including those of merchants, website publishers, affiliate networks, industry watchers and market researchers. We stress best- of-breed and best practices that are supported by a strong ethical foundation to help the online marketing industry thrive.

Revenue magazine is published by Montgomery Media International (MMI), a division of Montgomery Research, Inc. MMI publishes consumer magazines and contract publishing solutions. It also develops existing resources within the Montgomery Research Group to provide clients with focused custom publishing solutions.

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