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Want to quickly create a money-making web site?

Busy Entrepreneur Shocks His Experienced Web Developer When He Reveals ... A New FREE And Extremely Easy Site Building System. Quickly Create Cash-Pulling Web Sites - By Simply Following This Easy Step-By-Step System

Killer Method of Creating Niche Sites The Search Engines Love!
- Everybody is talking about Niche sites ...
- Everybody is talking about Blogs ...

But almost no one is talking about the power of using blog software to create niche sites. This is an incredibly powerful strategy that is being virtually overlooked. Most don’t realize that blog software is perfect for building actual sites.

The Days Of Slow, Difficult And Expensive Web Site Development Are Over!

To switch to WordPress as a web site builder was tricky. My web developer had Microsoft tattooed on his forehead - so I secretly worked on WordPress for several weeks to make sure this was the ’real deal’.

When I had finished my testing, I suggested using WordPress as a site tool to my web developer. Predictably, he laughed at the stupid idea.

But when I revealed the new, faster version of our company website, it blew his mind. The expensive and sluggish site he had lovingly (and slowly) worked on for many weeks was trashed!

He sat and stared at a brand new web future.

  • The new WordPress site was rock solid - no awful ASP.Net errors or broken link white pages.
  • It was flexible - you’re able to add content from any browser, and even via emails.
  • It was fast - you’re not going to lose site visitors with a slow loading site.
  • And the most amazing thing is’s free!

It’s taken 8 months of development and testing to refine WordPress to:

- Look like a niche website - I’ve sifted through 130 themes find suitable niche site formats. I wasted 8 weeks struggling to adapt a shortlist of blog (diary) themes to look like niche site themes. Any when I was close to giving up, I discovered the ideal set of flexible web layouts which I carefully adapted to work as WordPress themes.

- Behave like a website - I’ve tested 66 plug-ins - selecting only those which are well written, easy to use, and provide the niche site behavior you want.

- Easily earn cash - month after month - Click your mouse just once or twice, and you’ve added affiliate and Google Adsense adverts to your site.

- Make building a new site an easy and very quick process - 6 custom plug-ins and 2 template sets were specifically created to transform WordPress into the ideal and very-easy web site building system.

- Get high search engine rankings - I paid a SEO expert $150 to review one of my WordPress sites. His many tips are built into the custom plug-ins and templates to guarantee high-ranking search engine positions - for each site built with these templates.

You Get Massive Time And Cost Advantages When You Build Niche Sites With WordPress

My goal is to create a large network of cash-generating content websites. Content sites that are easy to set up, and easy to update. That are optimized to attract lots of search engine traffic so that I earn a reliable and substantial second income from Adsense revenues.

Read the following list of superior time- and cost-saving benefits this breakthrough site building method gives you. It’s a no-brainer to scrap the old, inefficient web development methods, and to switch to WordPress to build high quality powerful web sites:

- Your content is stored in a flexible database - its quick and easy to change how your entire site looks. You can reformat your site far quicker and easier than with an old-style HTML web site. Want a new look for your site? Simply change to a new theme - in seconds. Think of how you can use that for special occasions - such as Christmas. Or when your national team triumphs on the world stage. Perhaps to show your respects when a world leader passes away. You can have a super-responsive website - in step with world events and aligned with the passions and pains of your target market. All possible with a few mouse clicks...

- It’s super-easy to search for information - increasing your site’s ’stickiness’. Your database site allows visitors to easily search for content. You have this automatically - without you having to do anything except add content to your site. People are on the internet mainly to find information. With your easy-to-use site your visitors will stick around longer. And the longer they stay, the more Adsense and affiliate ads they’ll click on - putting more cash into your pocket.

- You create new WordPress sites - in under 5 minutes. Despite WordPress’s sophistication, the development team have been brilliant in making installing it a very easy process.

- Change the look of your site using freely available themes. If you find a WordPress theme you like, quickly upload it, and then take a single mouse click to change the look of your entire site.

- Add new web pages - as easily as typing an email. No need for complex, expensive web editing software (one popular tool costs $299 per license). You simply type new content into the built-in (free) WordPress screens. Imagine - no software cost. No lengthy manuals to study. And no need to struggle to learn CSS and HTML code before getting your first site. No worries about setting up a web database. WordPress does it all for you. Without you even realizing it.

- Quickly show others how to add new content. Want to delegate the task of adding content to an assistant? How about creating an internet site with your spouse or significant other? It’s so easy to add content - there’s no lengthy and expensive training required. It’ll take you as long to show your web partner how to update your site as it would to show them how to use your email program. It’s that simple.

- Avoid any double-work to keep your site updated. There’s no need to continually create new pages on your PC, and then upload (FTP) them to your web server (Standard practice with the ancient HTML editing methods). The beauty of WordPress is - you’re working directly on your web server. So when you’ve typed in a new post - you’re done. A single step process.

- Add new content - and WordPress automagically updates the site’s menu. Allocate your new web page a category with a single mouse click - and the site’s menu automatically updates. Compare this to the expensive and painful menu editing with the old web development process. First - you need to buy menu software. If you’re creating several content sites on different servers, the price for multi-site, multi-server is astronomical - the software can cost $599. Just to edit the menu! And then you need to update and upload your site’s menu - each time you add new page to your site. And if you have several sites, you’re doing this a lot of the time. To be blunt - it’s a pain in the butt continually updating and uploading your site’s menu files.. Which is why old-style sites have so many broken links.. WordPress takes this pain away. Your site’s menu is always up to date. You don’t get irritating blank screens that drive away your Adsense-clicking visitors.

- You’re not restricted by software installed on only one computer. When you buy web development software - you’ll pay $299 to $499 - for a single license of the software. If you want more than one person working on your site - well, that’s when it starts getting pretty expensive. Unaffordable in fact for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs. So you’re stuck relying on one person to update your site. And if they’re busy, on leave, fallen ill, had a hard disk crash - your website suffers. Contrast that with WordPress. Its FREE - so you’re scoring $299! . You’re not wasting hard-earned cash on expensive software. Software that soon goes out of date. That keeps you on the painful treadmill of continually paying for upgrades. WordPress is so easy to use - you don’t even need a web developer! Now there’s a HUGE saving.

- You can add fresh content from any computer on the internet. If you travel, or out of your office a lot - no problem. You can add fresh content to your site from any internet connection. Attending a conference where you’re learning new things? Add fresh content from your hotel room or from an internet cafe. There’s no need for your site’s News section to ever have stale news. Its so easy to add new content - from anywhere.

- Get others to help populate and keep your site up to date. Want to share the load of keeping your site up date? Task several people in your business to add content to your site - without worrying about a bottleneck at the web developer. Simply set up their login details, and they can each add content from their own PCs. Want to add a lot of content to your site quickly? Why not outsource the job to a content researcher. Or to a college kid looking to earn some extra cash. Let them do the work of adding fresh content to your site. From any web browser. From anywhere in the world! There’s no software to install. No training required.

- You can add in new features - in seconds, and for free. WordPress has a vast and very active user community. This vibrant community is continually adding new plug-ins that enhance WordPress. There’s no waiting months - even years - between software updates. Not like some licensed products. And the best thing of all - there’re no support costs. No upgrade costs. And most of the plug-ins are free.

- Your site automatically broadcasts any site updates to the world. Yet another activity that WordPress does for you automatically. There’s no need to buy any additional software (as you do with other types of web tools). This feature is already built in. So unobtrusive it takes place without you even noticing it.

- Avoid the double-work of Blog and Ping - but get the same benefit. One of the fads during 2005 was to set up sham blogs linked to HTML websites - just to get the sites indexed faster. Internet marketers produced ebooks and video training courses - charging $97 or more to show web publishers how to set this up. With WordPress - you automatically get the benefit of pinging, without the double work of creating both a blog and web site. No maintenance nightmare continually updating links between your site and your blog. You get a site that indexes as fast as a blog, and yet looks like a web site. Effective. Easy. Time saving.... Brilliant!

- You create new niche sites in hours. Get hold of a decent set of theme templates, and you’ve got an instant optimized niche web site - without having to learn complex web skills. And without having to pay a web developer to do it for you. There’s no struggling with creating databases on your web server. No need to continually upload new pages to your web server. No massive learning curve trying to master an expensive web development tool. No struggling to learn a geek language.

- You can password protect certain areas of your site. WordPress allows you to restrict access to individual pages. You have the flexibility of both open as well as secure web pages on your site - all it takes is a quick setting on the web page that you want to restrict from public viewing.

- You can get remote support from anywhere in the world. - Stuck with your WordPress site? Simply ask one of the hundreds of thousands of active WordPress users to log onto your set to see what’s wrong. Almost any problem can be solved in a few minutes. (On many occasions I have sorted out misunderstandings with settings on remote sites - in under 3 minutes)

As you can see - your free WordPress sites will simply blow away the expensive and cumbersome web sites developed using traditional web tools and methods. They’re cheaper. Faster to develop. Easier to keep up to date. Simpler to use.

Get WordPress to work for you. It’s far more effective than the most diligent web developer. Tireless. Always accurate. And ... it costs you nothing.

So What Do You Get When You Buy The Rapid Niche Websites System?

There are now 5 Components to this one-of-a-kind site building system.

Component 1 : The Key Component - A Step-By-Step ’How To’ Guide

You’ll get all the information you need to be able to build you first niche web site in minutes - rather than weeks. It’s a comprehensive ebook providing tutorials and detailed guides. It covers all aspects of building your cash-generating site using the Rapid Niche Websites system.

Topics covered are:

  • Site preparation. The essential steps you should take BEFORE starting to set up your site. Follow these steps, and your site will attract hoards of Adsense-clicking visitors ...
  • A detailed walkthrough of a WordPress installation and customization. The guide leads you step-by-step through the process, and helps you get your site up and running in under an hour ...
  • Not one, but TWO tutorials on formatting your site. You will see how to modify both the Fixed Width and Variable Width theme formats. It covers in precise detail how to reformat the supplied themes to your unique style. Update: - Don’t feel like reading? Use RapidFormatter which makes these tutorials redundant...
  • Stuck with choosing your site colors? Try the suggestions in the ebook - they’ll help you overcome any creative blocks. Find out how to borrow inspiration, and in so doing, you’ll get your site up quickly...
  • Plus many more Tips and Traps...

Component 2 : Theme Templates - Making It Extremely Easy To Create A Good-Looking Site

Here’s just a little taste what you’ll get from this module:

  • 4 optimized, well documented site themes to get you started. These save you days of wasted effort searching through all the blog themes on the net (well over one hundred) trying to find one that is a suitable starting point for your niche site ...
  • A fixed width format - 770px wide. The ideal format for mini-sites you can quickly create to make fast profits through selling affiliate or private label products...
  • Three variable width formats. These adjust automatically for the different screen resolutions. This format is more suited to content sites and business sites. If most of your target market uses higher resolution screens, they’ll thank you for creating your site with this format...
  • Your theme templates have niche-optimizing code already built in. No need for you to fathom out how or where to embed PHP code in the template files - they’ve already been set up for immediate use. You focus on building and monetizing your site - the tech stuff has been sorted out for you...
  • All four types of themes share a common code base. Learn one of these themes, and you’ll immediately be able to use any of the others just as quickly and easily. If you’re into setting up content sites, you’re going to be putting up several sites. The common structure is going to save you hours of time - but still allow you the flexibility to make each site look unique....

Component 3 : Plug-ins - Adding Money-Generating Features To Your Site

You get the following niche-enhancing plug-ins in this module:

  • RNW-PageManager. Nominate a page as the home page, maybe exclude pages from the sidebar menu, or some exclude pages from Search function - all with a few simple entries on a specially-created Options page. When you want try different landing or sales pages, you don’t have to mess around in PHP code. Take a couple of seconds to switch to the Admin module of your site, change one setting on the Options page , and you’re done ...
  • RNW - SEO-Optimizer. Your expert SEO - captured in code! This gives you the benefits I paid $150 to get (- a similar price to what you’re paying for the entire system!).
  • RNW - DropCap. Drop Capitals increase the readership of body copy (and in your case - site content) by on average 13%. You add drop caps wherever you like - its very easy to add with a quick click of a custom editor button...
  • RNW - AdRotator. Get your site to cycle through your various affiliate ads so that you don’t bore your visitors. Give yourself the best chance of earning affiliate commissions by serving up different adverts as your visitors navigate around your site ... Also included in the RNW system are some excellent open source plug-ins that I have tested and which I use on each of my sites:
  • Adsense-Deluxe. Quite simply the easiest and most flexible way to manage your Adsense adverts on your site. You get a custom Options page in the Administration module to quickly set up, or modify your ads. Want to change how your ads look? Take a few seconds, and your ads can take on new colors, formats, or even display in a different location.
  • Google Sitemap. This makes your site maintenance a snap. Each time you add content to your site, it automagically rewrites the Google sitemap, AND notifies Google. Your publishing efforts will not go unnoticed by the most popular search engine. This speeds up getting your site indexed, which means you earning Adsense revenues through higher traffic volumes within a couple weeks, rather than 4, or even 6 months ...
  • PHPExec. This allows you to embed PHP code directly into your posts and pages. This significantly improves the flexibility of WordPress - removing any customization limitations the standard version of WordPress imposes...
  • Plus several more...

Component 4 : - RapidFormatter - Put Your Site Formatting On Steroids!

Feedback from my early customers has been pretty favorable. Except for... The hassle of formatting the stylesheet. If there has been a weakness in the RNW System, it has been that you still had to edit a stylesheet. As you do with other web development methods, but I want to make it the easiest system out ... And with stylesheet editing comes the opportunity to leave out a semi-colon at the end of one line in a 800-line styles file. Or put in a double curly bracket at the end of a style definition. The Kiss Of Death for your site’s format. And so I decided to respond to my customers’ feedback. You now get an application that makes defining your site’s style.css file a no-brainer. Why? Because you don’t touch it. You don’t have to create it, add to it, edit it, or save it. RapidFormatter does it all for you.

What’s in RapidFormatter?

  • A built-in color picker - making it super-easy to set your site’s colours. This color picker makes it very easy to select the color that you want. You can either choose a color from one of the built-in palettes, or you can simply drag-copy a color off a web page. So if you see a site color scheme that you like - its very easy to build a site with the same or similar color scheme.
  • File-lookups for images - no chance of typos in your stylesheet. You never have to type in the name of your images that you use in your layout. And RapidFormatter’s directory lookup returns relative folder addresses - so work created on your desktop will work on your server - without needing any modifications .
  • Presets - groups of CSS settings - which can be applied with a single click - a major time-saver. If you create a color scheme you’re happy with, or a menu layout that stands out, its quick and easy to save just those CSS settings that affect either the colors or layout - into a preset. And the next time you want to use that effect? Open the Preset window, choose the option you want, and the 5, 10, 20 CSS settings that make up that effect are all applied with a single click.
  • A built-in browser control - that gives you immediate feedback as you set up your stylesheet. As you make the changes to your site settings - you get immediate feedback through the built-in browser. So if your color combinations don’t ’work’, you will find this out immediately - not when you upload your stylesheet to your site.
  • Quick copying from existing themes - saving you hours and days of effort as you build your site network. Click the Copy button, and copy all the files associated with a theme to a new folder. Combine the copying of defined themes with one-click Presets, and you have a lightning-fast way of creating new themes.

Component 5 : - Customer Support Forum - Get Access To Help From The RNW Community

Over the past few months I have had several customers ask me why there is no support forum. They haven’t complained about the personal attention they’ve received - its more a case that they’ve wanted me to work on further enhancements to the system.

Well - just as I responded to customer feedback to take the time to develop RapidFormatter, I now have also responded to this request - and have set up a customers-only Support Forum.

This forum now addresses..

  • Updates to templates and plugins. As minor tweaks get made to the RNW components, notification of these changes will be announced in the forum, as well as the download locations.
  • New plugins that members find are useful addition to the RNW system. The WordPress community is large, and growing. New plugins are being released all the time. Not all plugins work well when used in combination with other plugins. If you find a ’keeper’, you can share this with the RNW community. And if you have a problem? Well there are several forum members who are technically competent, so you should be able to get an informed response very quickly.
  • Tips and Traps A customer recently asked how to implement Flash in the header. Some quick experimentation, and a customized header was set up. This is now available in the tips section. Another had a hassle with header images hot showing. The most common cause of this is now clearly documented in this section.
  • Specific Support For RapidFormatter A specific category is devoted to this powerful component of the RNW System. Need help, or have some suggestions for improvement? You now have a forum to make your suggestions.
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