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Article Directory Script

You can use this article directory script for any niche you like!

When we say Rapid we mean Rapid!

  • 1000 + Articles Pre-Installed and ready to go added to your site 20 per day (you choose 10-50)
  • Auto site-map Generation, get’s your site indexed fast
  • Link only Articles for all Your Affiliate Products
  • Automatically Generated RSS Feeds
  • Unlimited categories and sub categories
  • You Can set it to Run on Auto-Pilot
  • Automatic Article generation to add more content
  • Complete Turnkey website
  • We install the Software on your Server with 90 days Support
  • And That’s just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Free directory scripts are fine if you have the skills to program with PHP and Sql, or if you are happy hanging around in a forum to get answers to your problems. With our Directory Script you get personal SUPPORT from one of the people that wrote the Script for 90 days this gives us time to make sure that you are 100% happy with our product to allow you to make the most from it.

Don’t waste time with site content generators to get traffic? When you can give your users something they need? An article directory allows your users to submit their articles to your site to get backlinks to their site and promote their product. This means that they create your content for your site, that is always unique and thats important if you want links from Google!

Let’s Have a Look at what you Get!

- A Complete Turnkey Internet Business - Ready to start making you money with Google AdSense and Affiliate products.

- Free Custom Header - We will design you a custom header for your new website.

- 1000 + Articles Pre-installed! - ready to receive the clicks for google adsense income.

- Automatic Article Generator - Allows you to gather articles from other sites then automatically puts them on your site more free content for you!

- Free Installation on your Server - One of our engineers will install the software on your server or web space (must have MySQL & PHP)

- 90 Days of Support from a Team of Over 50 People - We have a dedicated customer support team behind our product there to help You when you need it.

- Free Upgrades for Life - Just send us proof of purchase at any time and we will mail you the latest version.

- Unlimited Categories and Sub Categories - Manage all of these easily from your web based control panel.

- Members Can Rate and Comment on Articles - Members can submit their feedback and discuss an article this makes the article very rich and informative as the information keeps on accumulating with each user’s feedback (free content).

- Generates Search Engine Friendly Pages - Each article page generated by Rapid Articles has all the necessary meta tags etc so they are search engine friendly. Rapid Articles also generates an automatic site map so your pages are indexed fast.

- Set it to Run on Autopilot! - Put your feet up and read the paper.

- Or Set it so You Pre-Approve Articles - This way you are always in control of the content of your site.

- Auto Approve individual Authors - Some authors will submit articles to you on a regular basis, so you will know the quality of their work, you can set the sofware to auto approve articles from that author.

- Integrated Mail System - In time you will build a huge e-mail list all on autopilot! you can send mail to the people on that list to say run a competition or up-date them on changes to the site.

- Automatically Generated RSS Feeds - RSS makes it easy for users to use your content on their site and give you a link back to your site. Your site generates updated RRS feeds automatically for every article on your site!

- Completely Web Based System - If you know how to send an email, then you can manage this site.

- Upload Images along with the Article - This software allows people to upload an image of their product along with their article a first in this market place!

- Link Only URL Articles - This feature alone could make you a fortune, read the FAQ’s below.

- And More....... - We have integrated so much functionality into this software that the list would just go on and on, the development team work on it daily to see if we can improve it your feedback is always welcome.

Kalptaru Infotech Ltd (Karun Madhulika Yadav )(Ken Smaile) [did also : Auto Content Generator for WP Blogs , Star Articles , Rapid ArticlesDirectory , Content Customizer ]
PHP 4.0 & MySQL
Single Server License
Money Back
90 days
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