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Freeware and fast tool for leading a discussion forum. Database based on files will make the backup really fast.

Administation system allows you to manage the topics, posts, and topic categories.

The Dicussion board application is multilanguaged. So that you can translate it into other language in a simple way.

Quick.Forum - features:

  • Freeware - based on license GPL with additional condition,
  • Simple Instalation - This tool is based on a secure flat files (SQL base not required). Instalation needs just a few minutes and just the basic knowledge about FTP connection use,
  • Stability - Application is used since december 2003. Because of a common access to this application, any errors are immediately detected and removed,
  • Speed - designing this application, we tried to minimize the HTML code and also made possible generating small pictures, making web loading as short as possible,
  • Standards - our solutions are compatible with XHTML 1.0 and also with settings of most of the popular servers,
  • Template system - we made our best to seperate the logic and presentational layers from each other. The application outlook change, is really simple and it works through templates in which complicated PHP language is not used at all.

Quick.Forum - functions:

  • full topic and answers administration,
  • full topic categories administration,
  • searching for choosen words in particular topic categories.
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