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I see so many people starting businesses without really finding out if the market is:

  • 1. Interested in their Idea
  • 2. Large enough for their business to survive
  • 3. Spending money on their product idea or complementary offers.

In the offline world, it is difficult to avoid spending tons of money for this type of market research and then even more to "test" your product idea in the market place. This could add up to thousands or tens of thousands of wasted dollars in startup marketing expenses.

Remarkably, the Internet has helped to alleviate a ton of this hard cost. You can now evaluate your ideas using manual techniques and get a pretty good read on the size of the market and whether or not people are spending money on your proposed product or a complementary product...BUT this takes a ton of time and specialized knowledge. We have a faster and less painful way...

You can finally stop guessing at which ideas will work and which will fail. We have created a software program that is Guaranteed to help you reduce the risk of your Internet startups by showing you what keywords potential customers are searching on, what keywords competitors are bidding on and what sales conversion you must have to break even and earn a profit.

If you’d like to know:
- If your product idea has a high potential for an online profit
- The online size of your target market
- Which keywords your potential customers are searching on
- Which keywords your competitors are bidding on
- Which of those keywords you should focus on for pay-per-click search engines AND for traditional search engine marketing
- Plus, what sales conversion you must have to break even and earn a profit on a specific idea

Find the Market and then Get in the Way!

I once heard someone say "In any business, if you want to make money, the easiest way to do it is to find out where people are spending money and then simply lie down in front of them." That might seem a little simple-minded but the principle is rock solid. Unfortunately, too many people don’t follow that advice leading to failed businesses and crushed dreams! So what can you do about it?

Well, I’m sure this isn’t anything new to you but the Internet is very valuable to businesses that use it correctly and YES Online Sales will continue to grow and the Internet will be around for a very long time. Many people really are making silent fortunes using the power of the Internet.

One important thing the Internet does is help level the playing field for Small Business Owners. You can actually research, evaluate and even perform a real world test on your ideas for a couple of thousand or maybe even a few hundred dollars.

But NOW, you can do even better than that. Our revolutionary new software enables you to AUTOMATICALLY evaluate the market size of your ideas and the PROFIT POTENTIAL of your ideas without any advertising cost to you. Plus, you can do all this in as little as 5 Minutes! Why Do You KEEP Guessing On What Idea Will Work When You Can FINALLY Use Real-Time Advertising Data To Reduce Your Risk And Make More Educated Decisions?

Time is Money. How many times have you thought of an idea and waited around thinking it was probably not a "good" idea or started a business only to see it fail because you were relying on trial and error? Maybe Before, you had an excuse...BUT NOT ANYMORE! P.I.P.E. can help you TODAY. You could literally be evaluating the profit potential of your ideas 5 minutes from now.

Plus, Look at all these features and benefits:
- Easily Generate a Massive List of Keywords Related to Your Product Idea. Now, you can uncover targeted keywords for your pay-per-click and search engine optimization efforts
- Evaluate the profitability potential of your ideas within minutes resulting in Saved Time and Money...AND REDUCED RISK
- Print or save your reports so you can see how different keywords or input values affect the profitability of your ideas
- Remove untargeted keywords and reanalyze so you can see which words increase the profitability potential of your idea
- The Profitability Table shows the monthly profit potential of your idea at different Conversion Rates so you can see the impact small changes in sales conversion can have on your bottom line
- Automatically view Value per Visitor calculations at different conversion rates
- Supply, Demand and Supply/Demand figures are tabulated so you not only can you see what words are most profitable if you are using pay-per-click but you can also see which words to target for Traditional Search Engine Marketing
- You get an Overview Score of the profit potential of your idea and a detailed view of the profit potential of your idea
- Simple-to-use One Screen Program. Type in a Few Keywords, Expected Average Revenue per Order, Hard Cost Figure and Click Search...The Program Does the Rest!
- The Profitability Calculation is Based on Real-time Advertising Costs. We don’t calculate profitability potential by using Demand divided by Supply or Demand X Demand divided by Supply, we actually use real world, real-time advertising costs to calculate the profitability potential. Wouldn’t you rather be analyzing the REAL Market NOT an Assumed One?

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