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Post Affiliate Pro + AFFsubmit

Affiliate Directory Submission, Give your affiliate program a boost!

The success of every affiliate program is in its affiliates.

But how to recruit quality affiliates that will refer you more sales?

It is A MUST to submit your program to places visited by them - to affiliate directories. These directories are visited by thousands of affiliates every day, searching for new opportunities. Let them know about you.

Why let us do it for you?

If you tried to submit your affiliate program to directories manually, you know it is enormous amount of work. Spend your time on more useful things and leave the hard work for us.

- We will do all work for you
- We have experience
- We know which directories are important
- We will cover ALL important directories, more than 50 of them
- You will receive detailed report of all work that was done for you

What We’ll Do

We will start with your own description of your affiliate program. We will double-check information provided by you, then research your competition and complementary sites to get the most info about your program and where it stands compared to others.

We will write a description about your program and site that will highlight the most attractive details and maximizes the conversion of potential affiliates to signups.

We will give you the result for approval, and we will make further modifications according to your requests.

Once everything is approved, we will start submitting your program to the directories in our list. We will create your own account for the directory whenever it is possible. Your access information will be sent to you in the detailed report.

What you’ll get:

- Post Affiliate Pro software with full source codes
- User’s Guide
- free installation (you can install it also by yourself using simple wizard)
- technical support by e-mail
- free lifetime updates
- community forums available


  • Creation of attractive program description including modifications according to your requests
  • Submission to 50+ affiliate directories, both free and paid
  • Help affiliates find your program
  • Detailed submission report
  • Saves hours of manual work
  • Detailed report of work
Quality Unit S.R.O. (Stefan Dlugolinsky)(Andrej Harsani) [did also : Viral Sales Generator , AffPlanet Pro , AffPlanet Lite , Post Affiliate Pro 3 Full Integration Offer , Help Support Pro , Post Affiliate Pro + AFFsubmit bundle , AFFsubmit , Post Affiliate Pro 3 , eComMagnet ]
Single installation license & su
Money Back
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