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Discover How To Instantly Increase Your Sales, Conversions and Email Lists by Adding New PopOver Technology to Your Websites." If you don’t know what a PopOver is... You Need To Read This Website Immediately. Are Your Popups Banned? Read On...

-  Fact #1: Pop ups dramatically increase response to ’opt ins’ and other Internet offers. Your business may be profiting from them right now.

-  Fact #2: Many major Internet service providers, like AOL, Earthlink, and Netscape, representing millions of your prospects and customers, are making it as easy as flipping a light switch to permanently turn off all ’pop ups’ - including your ads!

-  Facts #3: With the mass blocking of pop ups by the major Internet service providers, many Internet businesses will suffer greatly reduced sales and possibly even go out of business...

Will your business be one of them? Nearly 1 out of 5 of your customers can no longer see your most responsive ads?

Here are just some of the features about PopOver Generator :

  • Popup Blockers cannot block these windows.
  • The same interstitial advertising can be used.
  • You can use PopOvers for Subscription boxes.
  • You can use "delayed" or timed PopOvers.
  • You can use PopOvers from a link.
  • You can pull-in whole websites inside a PopOver.
  • You can use PopOvers from a Button
  • You can use our Drop-In PopOver
  • You can use our Alert Box PopOver
  • You can use our Pseudo Window PopOver

Just what the heck does PopOverGenerator do?

- Popup Blockers Cannot block These Windows - PopOverGenerator type Popups are seen...your popups are not blocked...thus you can make more sales which translates to more money in your pocket.

- You Can Use PopOvers For Subscription Boxes - Build your Optin list with these PopOvers. You now have a targeted Optin list...these are the most effective list of names.

- You Can Use Delayed Or Timed PopOvers - People who are already reading your page are very interested. Now they see a PopOver sliding offering them, for example, a free eCourse, they are more likely to subscribe than if the PopOver was there immediately. You can also create PopUnders which are viewed when people leave your site.

- You Can Pull In A Whole Website Inside PopOver - You can keep the whole message’re not limited to just a few lines of content.

- You Can Use Our Drop-in PopOver - This one really catches the readers attention.

- You Can Use An Alert Box PopOver - This catches the readers attention because it looks like an alert generated by your computer.

These are just a few of the Features of the new get all the details just head on over to...

Generator Software (Armand Morin)(Marc Quarles) [did also : SmartPage Creator , SalesLetter Generator , FocusGenerator , FlashPal Generator , GeoKeyword Generator Pro , eCover Generator 2.0 , MultiTrack Generator Software Suite ]
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