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Browser based help desk software and email management solutions designed to streamline the operation of managing emails, support tickets and customer communications, with built in tracking and response logging it is an ideal help desk solution for companies with one or more members of staff or for those who want to organise client communications.

PerlDesk is a feature packed browser based help desk and email management application designed to streamline the operation of managing emails or support requests, with built in tracking and response logging. It is an ideal help desk solution for companies with one or more members ofstaff or for those who want to organise client support or general communications.

As PerlDesk is a web based help desk, your staff can also use it while on the move and customers can send requests in using their normal email client or web browser causing minimal inconvenience to the end-user.

PerlDesk allows you to organize your companies customer relations toa database backed web based help desk, this allows both your staff and clients access to the email at every stage of progression, keeping both informed of updates and allowing both to manage and track the issues onthe internet or your local intranet.

This ensures your customers stay satisfied and your staff stay organized. PerlDeskis the ideal implementation for companies both large and small.

- PerlDesk Features / Overview - Using PerlDesk in your organization will make your user emails/support requests easy to track and manage, it allows staff members to be assigned to single or multiple departments saving time assigning user requests. PerlDesk makes submitting tickets easy for users, by allowing two methods:

  • Direct Email Submission - Users can send email to your company which will be logged, assigned to a specific department and given a tracking number. You can setup multiple incoming email addresses allowing you to completely manage user communications.
  • Web Based Submission - Included in PerlDesk is a web based client area and submission form, where users can login and track/submit any support requests easily.

- Client Area Features - The web based user area can optionally be used as a resource for users to submit and track help desk submissions and emails. An overview of the features:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Quick User Signup
  • File Attachments from web based form
  • Ability to assign a priority for the request
  • View support request histor
  • Submission Tracking without logging in (via submission key)
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Flood Prevention for incoming emails, this only allows a user to submit a request every x seconds.
  • Searchable Knowledge Base (managed by staff members)

- Staff Area Features - An additional section of PerlDesk is the staff area, this is where you can allow staff members to login and respond to user requests.

  • Performance Tracking, staff members can view the % of calls they have closed
  • Rating Performance, users can rate how helpful a staff member was allowing satisfaction reporting in the administration
  • Private Staff notes can be set on help desk requests, so that users cannot view them
  • Assign requests to other departments or staff members
  • Staff Members can view/attach files when responding to user requests.
  • Easy call display, showing Emergency, new and open requests
  • Predefined response templates
  • Knowledge Base management
  • Ticket notifications
  • Many, many more features

- Administration Area Features - The administration is where you can control all users/bills and the system setup. Some of the main features of the admin area are:

  • Change layout via the template editor
  • User Management, including the ability to create user accounts
  • Manage Staff, view staff members performance and response time
  • Ticket Overview
  • Create an unlimited number of support categories
  • Ban email addresses (bannin an email address will remove its ability to email submissions)
  • Manage software configuration, many options.
  • E-mail All Users
  • E-mail All Staff Members
  • Search Customers
  • View online/active staff members
  • Customize the whole design via the templates very easily
  • Edit the email response templates

- Hardware Requirements

  • 200Mhz
  • 64MB Ram
  • Enough Hard Drive space to unpack, install PerlDesk and for the database requirements (At least 50MB space is recommended)

- Software Dependencies - Before installing PerlDesk you must have the following dependencies installed :

  • Linux Version :
    • Perl
    • MySQL
    • Web Server (Apache)
  • Windows Version :
    • MySQL
    • Web Server (IIS)

The enterprise license of PerlDesk is required if you have a larger number of staff users, and includes additional support services and integration assistance.

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