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Accept Credit Cards Affordably

Get paid by credit cards or instant bank transfer with one simple, cost-effective solution. PayPal is:

    • Secure - We keep sensitive information safe.
    • Preferred - Join our network of 100 million accounts.
    • Fast - Get set up immediately.

- Save money

There are no setup charges, monthly charges, or gateway fees. With PayPal, you pay as you go-with rates as low as per transaction.

In fact, payment processing, fraud protection, and tools to accept payments on your website are all included in PayPal’s costs.

Get details about our rates, and compare our costs with merchant accounts on our Pricing page.

- Protect against fraud

An industry leader in fraud prevention and risk management, PayPal has one of the lowest loss rates in the online retail industry.

We actively fight chargebacks. Plus, if your transaction qualifies for PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy, we’ll absorb the chargeback at no cost to you.

PayPal protects the privacy of your data - and your customers’ data.

Learn how we fight fraud and manage risk.

- Invite more customers

When you offer PayPal, you open your door to our network of 100 million member accounts worldwide. These active online shoppers transact an average of $8.1 billion USD per quarter.

Read about PayPal’s active, global network of shoppers.

- Get paid easily and quickly

Setup is fast. You can get started in minutes.

Get paid quickly via electronic checks, and receive credit card and PayPal account balance payments instantly.

Funds are available in your account much faster than with money orders or checks.

Put PayPal tools to work for your business today.

Payment Services

- All-in-one payment solutions

    • Email Payments - Bill your customers through email and get paid fast - no website required.
    • Website Payments Standard - Start accepting payments today - cart optional. Your customers don’t even need a PayPal account.
    • Website Payments Pro - Customers pay with credit cards directly on your site.

- Already have an internet merchant account?

    • Payflow Gateway - Get secure, scalable payment services to use with your internet merchant account.
    • PayPal as an Additional Paymet Option - Increase your sales. There are millions of active PayPal users in 55 countries and regions, making it one of the most sought-after payment methods worldwide.

- Plus, get paid by phone, fax, or mail - Use Virtual Terminal with any of these solutions to help increase revenue.

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