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Give your Wisitors their Own Personal Content - Time after Time!

If you are a webmaster or blog author, you already know that content is everything. But how do you control the content your visitors see when they come to your site? You are going to love the answer to that question...

A few weeks ago, while setting up a new website I needed a way to easily show my site visitors a sequence of pages over time. So every visitor would see the next page each day. I wanted something simple and easy to set up. And I wanted this content to be available to everyone who visited my site and not have to log in and remember a username and password every time. After searching for a ready made solution for over an hour, I gave up.... and created the solution myself!

PageTimer gives you Control over What Your Visitors See

PageTimer is my new software that lets you give your visitors changing content over time, just like the way an email autoresponder works. Each visitor is tracked automatically and every day when they come back they see the next page in the sequence. All you need to do is give PageTimer the list of pages you want it to serve and it will do the rest for you.

You can use PageTimer with a series of articles or a short course. Or you can simply use it to display a different special offer every day. I’m sure you can think of lots more ways this software can make your life easier and increase your traffic and profits!

Fireball Planet Corp [did also : Internet Marketing Ambush ]
Single Server License
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90 days
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