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There Is An Easy Way to Create Powerful One Time Offer Pages in Just Seconds

The One Time Offer Builder takes an ordinary web page that you create, and it automatically adds all the technical "code" into the proper sections of the page in order to convert it into a One Time Offer page.

That way, in literally seconds you can add the psychological power of the One Time Offer to your website and increase your sales by a spectacular amount.

The One Time Offer Builder is perfect for instantly and dramatically increasing:

- Sales of Your Products - makes a good offer downright irresistible!
- Sales of Affiliate Products - makes your pre-sell affiliate "bonus" a must-have!
- Your Opt-In Rate - makes opting in to your e-zine or autoresponder subscription a no-brainer!
- Any Action You Want - makes literally any offer, action or result an object of intense desire!

The sequences of how One Time Offers can be used:

  • 1. Describe your product and present your offer to your visitor.
  • 2. Offer your visitor an opt-in to your e-zine or newsletter
  • 3. After your visitor has opted-in to your list, present them with a One Time Offer
  • 4. Upon visiting the One Time Offer page a second time, the visitor is forwarded automatically to the opt-in confirmation page and never sees the One Time Offer again.

Triple Your Sales In Less Than 30 Seconds Using Irresistible Psychology!

  • Have you noticed lately that the number of product launches has been on the rise?
  • Have you noticed that they all seem to build up anticipation toward an "event" on the day of the launch, and that every e-mail and blog post tells of the frantic crowd jostling to be first in line when the "gates open"?
  • Have you noticed that when the product does finally launch, there are only a limited quantity of the product available, and that they all tend to sell out within a few days of the launch?

This is because every one of these techniques uses a different core element of human psychology: anticipation, scarcity, urgency, social proof.

And guess what? They work!

In fact, they are virtually impossible to resist.

So How Can you Use Human Psychology to Skyrocket Your Sales Without the Hassle of a Major Product Launch?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the benefit of the psychological triggers that take place in a full-on product launch - without the time and hassle of going through the product launch?

Well luckily enough, there is!

All of the psychological triggers that work so well during the product launch sequence have one common goal:

To make the prospective customer Take Action!

And what is the one fundamental roadblock to taking action?


People love to "sit on the fence", to "think it over", to "sleep on it".

Nobody likes to be pressured. Nobody likes to make a snap decision.

But guess what?

As a salesperson, if you don’t push the customer into making a decision one way or another, you won’t make any money!

And this is where the One Time Offer comes in.

The One Time Offer is Your "Silver Bullet"

The One Time Offer gives you the opportunity to take the powerful psychological triggers that work so well and roll them into one "silver bullet."

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. A prospective customer visits your website and reads your sales letter.
  • 2. You explain the value of your product, and you capture their interest. They want to know more about your product, and they opt in to your "free download" or your "free e-zine" or your "free e-course."

This is when you hit them with your One Time Offer

After you have captured their e-mail address, instead of directing them to a confirmation or "thank you" page, you direct them to a One Time Offer page.

On this page, you offer a REALLY GREAT DEAL.

It might be a discount on your main product, or it might be a related product at a great price.

In any event, it must be a deal they could never get anywhere else or at any other time, and it absolutely positively must be a ROCKIN’ GOOD DEAL.

This is an important point. If you only offer a so-so deal, this whole technique will fall flat on its face. Your customers are smart people.

In order for this to work, they have to already believe that your product is a good deal even at the full price.

That way when they see your one-time offer for a massive one-time discount, they can’t help but whip out their wallet and buy it!

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