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With John Delavera’s OTO/One Time Offer, create your real One-Time-Offers in seconds!


You sell an ebook... You want to offer a special ONE TIME OFFER to the visitors of your website.

But you want EACH visitor to get a REAL one-time-offer... so if s/he comes back again to your site, onto the same page... that offer would not be there...

It’d be a special discount for your ebook... Say... $10 instead of $47.95... So, your visitors would have ONLY 1 CHANCE to get your ebook for $10 instead of $47.95...

There is only 1 script you can use to create such special offers, and this is..

Here is what you can do with OTO:

  • You can create as many special ONE TIME OFFERS you want and display then to ANY server.
  • You can offer a referral option too for each OTO, so your visitors can suggest your OTO to their friends.
  • You can use your OTO in a page as a javascript code. You will be able to include any HTML code to display in your special one time offer.
  • You can also assign a URL to an OTO. This way your visitors can click that OTO’s link ONCE. Plus, the actual URL of that link will be hidden.
  • You will be able to see how many times your OTOs have been displayed. This means, you can use OTO as a UNIQUE VISITORS’ counter. Since each OTO is displayed only ONCE to EACH of your visitors, you’ll know for sure how many unique visitors visited that OTO. Then divide that number with the sales done, and you have a perfect tool for counting your orders’ ratio. For example: 100 visitors saw your OTO, and 10 of them ordered. Your orders’ ration would be 100/10=10%, Simple and powerful!

Today there is NO OTHER SOLUTION that can do what OTO does for you.

The Internet Company LLC (John Delavera) [did also : TOM Turbo OTO Manager , The AdSense Almanac , 10 REAL AdSense Secrets by Ryan Deiss , JV Manager 2.0 Fantasos ]
Single Server License
Linux Apache
Money Back
30 days
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